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Home and Away: Roo is collecting evidence to get Kieran out of their lives, and Alf is in a hot chase.

Alf is in hot search of Keiran just before he leaves. Credit: Channel 7/Channel 7

Home and Away all but confirms that Colby never returns, and if Alf gets his way, Keiran might follow suit, which he normally does.

Sitting in the dark is Bella.

It turned out to be a place for Colby. We’re meant to feel sad for her, but for a while I’ve been a fan of Colby’s departure, so I’m lost in the sob story.

“He’s not going back,” Dean says as the tears in Bella’s eyes are starting to go well.

The glum permanently. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

Bella wanders down to the diner from her hovel in the dark, but amid Chloe’s best attempts she is not so happy to meet “Nik’s BFF”.

I know what it’s like to lose someone like that in your life. It changes all aspects,’ says Chloe to Bella.

Chloe’s efforts are, however, working on Alf. Not only does it impress him, but it gets Nikau off the job.

Bella is about to pull off a tape year the Dean is scolding because he paid for everything at the front and Colby is not to let down.


Ari and Mac finally get some quality time together, but Anna is sitting at the dinner table when Ari returns home.

She’s concerned that she’s going to lose her daughter and would like to talk to Ari… And again.

The night Ari was taken away in handcuffs, she regales how she “put her little sister in bed and shut herself in the bathroom and screamed out in a towel so she couldn’t hear me.”

If things had happened differently, they worry about what would have happened.


Chloe is talking to Mac, meanwhile, about getting a job at Salt.

No, isn’t she trying to get a job here? “In anger, Ryder yells.

Chloe steps behind the counter and whips up a creamy and flaming look.

Ok, happy hour. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

“You won’t regret it, I swear,” Chloe tells Mac.

“Trust me and my mother to tackle Ari.”

As long as Chloe talks it over with Anna and Ari, Mac says it’s OK. They’re fun.


And Anna agrees that she will stay with Chloe staying. Not in Ari’s building, perhaps, though.

Bella and Ryder vent about how irritating Chloe is, but “bigger things are going on,” such as the front page of the paper that charges Colby with another crime, of the inmate with which he shanked and was held in solitary confinement.

Bella freaks out, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s just more evidence that Colby has quit the show and because of not one but two killings, it’s not possible he’ll be written back in.

Just the news that I needed. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

And I would say, that’s not possible, because a double murderer will soon be able to return home, if people are dead from the dead.

Dean, meanwhile, fails to cover the bills. Like the real mechanics of it, not the money side, like being on the phone. But the creators make it out as if we had never taken the treacherous call to a call centre before, mere humans in the real world.

Telstra’s First Ringing Timer. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

The manipulator for Keiran now.

Roo’s calling for advice from Irene… As an addict recuperating.

I would pass the heavens and planet to be alone while I was drinking,” Irene says.”

Ryder needs Roo to say, “Grumps,” because “there’s one less Kieran that way,” but she’s got other plans.

She gives Kieran’s van some towels, which is just an excuse to go close to the house. She steps behind it and discovers an empty stash of bottles reaching the wheel.

Roo is cowering at the lack of imagination from Keiran. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

The “creative” hideous place Irene was dreaming about isn’t exactly round the back of a bus, but it’s the proof Roo wants to get Alf on board.

Alf’s old-fashioned ideals generally bother me but I don’t really care right now because something that takes Kieran out of town works for me. His constant presence annoys me, really.

Alf responds in Alf’s full way, as planned.

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