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Home and Away spoiler: Stevie’s arrival causes a stir


Cash is making every effort to make Stevie feel comfortable in his house. She’s still a little uncomfortable, especially after seeing the conflict between him and Eden over her presence, but Cash reassures her that she has to be here and that his main concern is for her safety.

As Felicity gets ready for baby Maia’s fundraiser, she storms through the door in a fit of rage. She’s on the edge of ecstatic tears at seeing her idol in person when she sees Stevie and scares out. Cash is a little amused; obviously, there will be some fallout from Stevie’s involvement in his personal life. Cash receives a text from Eden at that very moment, excuses himself, and goes outside to greet her.

Cash is greeted by Eden in his front yard. He apologizes for making her feel less significant in his unwavering pursuit of keeping Stevie safe. Eden also apologizes; she felt unappreciated for being his assistant and feels like the third wheel in her own relationship.

She feels as though she can comprehend Remi’s perspective, nevertheless, following their conversation. The two reconcile, but it’s obvious that there will always be some tension between Stevie and Eden.


Felicity and Xander are rushing to prepare for the fundraiser at Salt that evening. When they receive a call from the DJ they hired abruptly canceling, things become complicated. Fast. Xander needs a backup plan for the music that evening. When he phones Eden, she gladly offers to cover for Remi.

Nevertheless, Remi is shocked when Eden tells him. He digs in his heels, claiming that his breakup with Bree is still raw and that he doesn’t feel emotionally or physically ready for it yet.

With the assurance that they won’t have to be on stage for very long and that it’s for a worthy cause, Eden is able to persuade him to just give it a shot. Remi nods, and the two arrive that evening prepared to proceed. They’ve just finished the first song’s opening when Bree, decked up and doing her hardest to live her life without Remi, enters the room. It’s the last thing Remi wants to see. How will the evening play out?

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