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Matt Shirvington’s bizarre celebration after the Sunrise star films his first scene for beloved soap Home and Away


Matt “Shirvo” Shirvington has a strange custom to commemorate his acting debut on Home and Away.

The 45-year-old Sunrise host and Natalie Barr appeared on the breakfast show, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes peek at their popular Australian soap opera guest star role.

A few Summer Bay locals were spotted filming scenes with Shirvington on a beach, including seasoned actor Ray Meagher (who plays Alf Stewart).

“Mate, I really have all the pleasure in it; it was amazing.” The soap star stated, “The only thing I’d like to mention is that on Home and Away, after your first attempt, we have this tradition where people have to run into the water fully clothed straight away.”


Matt, wearing a brown pair of slacks and a white shirt, said, “Okay,” and he ran into the sea.

Meagher turned to the camera after his spontaneous ocean swim and inquired, “He’s a runner.” Surely he can swim?

In a storyline that stars Catherine Van-Davies, who portrays Stevie Marlow in the enduring soap opera, the breakfast TV personality will be playing himself.

The show, which airs on Wednesday at 7 p.m., will also feature 56-year-old Natalie Barr, Matt’s Sunrise co-star.


The plot has Matt doing a “live cross” interview with Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr with “A-list” actress Stevie (Van-Davies).

The father-of-three spent the end of last year filming his parts for the renowned program on location at Palm Beach, which is north of Sydney.

Moreover, fans may anticipate seeing Matt on television with legendary actor Ray Meagher, who plays the legendary Alf Stewart in Home and Away.

“It was kind of surreal being in Summer Bay with Alf Stewart as a kid who grew up watching Home and Away,” Matt said to Seven shortly after filming his scene in November of last year.


What a good time I had. The entire cast and crew made me feel very welcome and were very kind in giving me acting guidance and pointers as a newbie.

“I fear that this will be something my children will never allow me to get over!”

Matt was named David Koch’s heir at Sunrise last year following a three-year program designed to groom him for the position.

Four days before Koch filmed his last show, the official news was made on the breakfast show.

He and his wife Jessica, whom he married after they met when they were just 17 years old, have a son named Lincoln, two daughters, Sienna, 16, and Winnie, 14.

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