Friday, March 31, 2023

Home and Away confirms Colby Thorne’s second death to Bella, and Dean receives disturbing news.

Home and Away spoilers follow from episodes at Australian pace that some UK readers would choose to stop.

It has been confirmed by Home and Away that Colby Thorne is now responsible for a second death.

Colby’s escape storyline saw him obtain a 25-year jail term for the murder of Ross Nixon, his violent stepfather.

The Summer Bay soap has now revealed that a second murder has been committed behind bars by Colby.

Colby’s best friend Dean Thompson and little sister Bella Nixon were stunned in the Tuesday episode on Channel 7 in Australia (February 16), when news of the death reached the local newspaper headlines.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) read aloud from the report, which stated: “Disgraced former police officer Colby Thorne was convicted of murdering a fellow inmate at Graydon Jail. After a chaotic altercation involving several other inmates, the event took place.”

Bella (Courtney Miller) refused to grasp the news that Colby was going to go too fast, asking Dean, “I knew he was injured there, but obviously there was a better way?”

Colby’s remorse illustrates why, last week, he was held in solitary confinement in custody.

Flashbacks saw him stabbing one of the prisoners while the other inmates were eager to continue attacking him, desperate to gain hold of the situation.

In future series, Dean deals with the realisation that Colby’s aggressive act may have led to his own advice.

Following the first assault on him, when Dean met Colby at the hospital, he urged his best friend to abandon the good guy act and do whatever it took to live behind bars.

Is Dean going to regret this advice now? Plus, how can the new murder by Colby impact his sentence?

On Australian screens last week, Tim Franklin, who plays Colby, bowed out of Home and Away. In a fortnight’s time, his final scenes air in the U.K.

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