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Home and Away spoilers: Newcomer gives Felicity an unwelcome blast from the past


With Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) impending marriage to Tane (Ethan Browne), Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has been pondering how to get her to contact their foster father, Gary (Peter Phelps). When he brings up the subject with her, she cuts him off and warns him that inviting Gary would serve as a stinging reminder of who wasn’t.

Cash, however, is unable to let the situation go and does not want Felicity to do any actions that she may later regret.

He makes the decision to covertly invite Gary to the city, reasoning that once he gets there, he can deal with Felicity’s difficulties with Gary. But to his horror, Gary arrives in the ute right in front of the home. Cash asks Gary why he has come here when they agreed to meet in a public spot as soon as he gets out of the car.

Gary starts to become suspicious as he notices Cash becoming more tense and learns that Felicity is unaware of his visit. They discuss Cash’s plans to restore his Dad’s ute for Felicity before Cash hurries him out of the house for breakfast. Gary is uncomfortable when Cash then proposes that Gary try to get in touch with Felicity while he’s here.


Felicity was never his biggest fan, so why should this be any different now, he says? Cash speculates that she might be more receptive to it now that she’s come to terms with the nature of her father’s death after years of rejecting it. Gary offers to speak with Felicity, but only if she consents.

When Cash tries to bring up Gary with Felicity once more, his sister is obstinate and claims that Felicity’s choice to not invite him is final.

Cash decides to put Gary and Felicity in the same room despite the fact that he has put himself in an awkward predicament. Felicity freezes and then bursts when she finds Gary in the living room when she gets home.

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