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Samara , former home and away actress is showcasing her class in Hollywood


There are plenty of names that come to mind instantly when you think of talented Aussies that have made it big in Hollywood; Margot Robbie, Chris & Liam Hemsworth, Nicole Kidman, etc.

But there is one star who quietly worked away, landing major overseas roles that we should all sit up and pay attention to-Samara Weaving.

The Adelaide-born actress and model, better known as Down Under on Home And Away as Indi Walker, has just played another major Hollywood role. And, it is certain that the next obsession will become yours.

In order to confirm the news that she was cast as the main character in a biopic of one of America’s forgotten socialites and “founding mothers,” Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, Sam took to Instagram.


We know what you are thinking; in a biopic, suspense does not scream.

All right, again, remember.

According to Variety, the movie is being touted as an American set Bridgerton, you know, the raunchy period drama that you guiltyly streamed three times over.

“Liz,” tells the story of the world’s first modern celebration. Patterson Elizabeth


Bonaparte gained prominence as the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte’s youngest brother, Jerome, in the era of Jefferson’s presidency, and revolutionised the American social scene, as described in the publication.

Expect a growing social scene fuelled in Lady Whistledown’s newsletter by scandalous gossip like that, matching the beautiful costumes.

Sam’s career has been taking leaps and bounds since she left Home And Away for Hollywood, particularly in recent years.

The 28-year-old is making a name for herself abroad, from the Netflix movie The Babysitter to the new sparkling period series Hollywood to the dark comedy Ready Or Not, the film Snake Eyes, and most recently Nine Perfect Strangers alongside Nicole Kidman.


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