Sunday, July 3, 2022

Home and Away star’s freedom of speech tirade

If a new, rambling Instagram post is something to go by, former Home And Away star Isabel Lucas is allegedly throwing her weight behind outspoken celebrity chef Pete Evans.

Earlier this week, the 36-year-old, who played Tasha Andrews on the show from 2003-2006, took to the social media site to share an inspiring quote about “reality,” but it was her long and bizarre caption that featured under the eyebrow-raising message.

The post did not mention Evans directly, but many assumed that the tirade was the way Lucas rallied behind the cook.

“Through another well-known quote from Evelyn Beatrice Hall, Lucas kicked off her article, ‘I don’t agree with what you say.

Then it burst into a rant of “freedom of speech.”

If you feel cautious about posing valuable questions because of what bullies or others who lack empathy or sensitivity might suggest, note Evelyn Beatrice Halal’s words.

Thousands of people called the ‘witches’: Rosa May Parks, John F Kennedy, Rovert F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr… Eddie Mabo… Arc’s Joan, Juliet, Nikola Tesla, Socrates, Jesus, John Lennon, Hypatia, Nelson Mandela… And counts… And counts… And countles… and countles…

“The post concluded with Lucas stating that “historically and traditionally, all of these persons we herald today have been mocked, censored and aggressively rejected as change-makers.

“She posted, “Some got death threats, or had their lives taken before they could recognise their legacy or questions as self-evident.

I’m hearing several discussions about how many friends of censorship are witnessing Facebook, eliminating Instagram profiles, banning shadows, and deleting various YouTube videos.

Do you believe that open, educated and respectful debates around popular narratives need to be cultivated?

How are our conscience-barometers and humanitarians empowered to articulate themselves courageously?

She ended with yet another quote, “blind trust in authority is the greatest enemy of reality,” this time by Albert Einstein.

This is not the first time that Lucas has caused controversy, as she announced late last year that she rejected a COVID-19 test on the set of her Bosch & Rockit film, instead stating that her immune system is high from how she “lives and eats and feels.”

“I gave my responsibility to focus on what I should do to protect my own health and to respect the safety of others,” she said at the time, and agreed that I did not do the COVID test.

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