Friday, March 31, 2023

Home and Away spoilers: Mackenzie booth secret idea is revealed

Mackenzie Booth may have an unlikely solution to the issue when the gang also attacks the Parata family on Home and Away.

The hazard of Paul (Jack Finsterer) is still with him (Ari Parata (played by Rob Kipa-Williams) and his younger brother, Tane (Ethan Browne) and a gang on Home and Away over their heads (1:15pm/7:00pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full ranges)

Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) is being fed by Ari’s girlfriend and revealed that she was dreaming of a method she could help the gang clear its opioid debt.

However, Ari specifically bans her from participating as Mackenzie expresses her intention to sell her flash sports car to Paul to pay off the debt. It’s so risky! This is so dangerous!

Yet Mackenzie, the manager of hotels, has other thoughts, calling Paul secretly…

As boyfriend Justin SNAPS on Home and Out at her, Leah is rattled.

In the meanwhile, following his fall in Grace’s child birthday party Justin Morgan (James Stewart) is now in hospital.

Having lost all his emotion, Justin is scared that his stunned friend Leah Patterson will never walk again and take away his anger (Ada Nicodemou).

John is puzzled by his odd partner, Marilyn, on Home and Away dating app!

Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) also finds himself in the middle when, during an encounter with each other on a dating app, both Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) and her former partner, John Palmer (Shane Withington), are cocking the boy for advice.

But John knows nothing, Marilyn has unintentionally paired him and is not interested in a date!

Is John going to gather his dreams to make a heartbreak?

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