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13 Huge spoilers of Home and Away that you don’t want to miss for Next Week


Coming up at Home and Away, the day of Colby’s murder trial is finally coming. Would the copper murderer be sent to jail?

In the meantime, Mackenzie tries to help the Parata family settle the drug debt with the gang. But is she going to be in a risky situation?

Why is Martha alarmed when she receives a cryptic message from someone named Kieran?

What’s going to happen next? Here’s a round-up of all the must-see moments coming…


1. Dean considers confessing his crime

Since his best friend Colby was arrested on suspicion of murder, Dean has come close to turning himself into a police officer and confessing that he helped Copper Colby cover up the murder of his despised stepdad, Ross.

So far, Dean’s friends have persuaded him to stay silent. He’s not going to be able to reconnect with his young son Jai if he’s serving a jail term.

However, when Colby’s murder trial comes, Dean gets nostalgic about how the buddies first arrived in Summer Bay. Not wanting to see Colby take the fall on his own, can Dean go ahead and confess everything?


2. Willow keeps a secret on the day of the trial

Despite snooping through police detective Angelo’s case files, Colby was unable to uncover the identity of the mystery ‘Witness X’ who came forwards to land him there.

But as viewers can soon see, Witness X is someone a lot closer to home than Colby would ever suspect—his it’s long-time mate, Willow, who’s doing her best to behave as usual on the morning of the trial.

But why did Willow agree to support Angelo? And what does Angelo want to do with Colby’s documented confession of murder, which Willow secretly won?


3. Colby’s murder trial begins

It’s been more than a year since Colby shot Ross and buried his body in the bush with the aid of his friend Dean. So far, Colby has managed to stop being caught because of his crime.

But as his murder trial begins, it seems like his luck is about to run out, as Willow (aka Witness X) is called upon by the prosecutor to stand up and testify against him.

They’re all reels of shock discovery and Willow’s betrayal.

4. Willow leaves town

After the shocking turn of events in court, Colby’s sister Bella is on the warpath. Willow is trying to justify her reasoning for doing what she did. But neither Bella nor Dean is ever able to forgive her.


After a big bust-up with them, Willow decides to quit her work at the gym, pack her bags and leave Summer Bay.
5. Colby is sent to prison

Angelo couldn’t have been happier when the nett started to close at Colby. But there’s another surprise in store when Colby tries to take a stand to testify in court.

What the hell does he want to say? Is he actually going to confess everything and seal his death?
Whatever happens, it can’t be healthy, as soon as the notorious cop is taken to jail…
6. Angelo and Taylor’s future is in question

With Colby banged up behind bars, Angelo’s job is completed in Summer Bay. Does that involve the marriage of the police officer, too?

He was left behind when he learned that his wife Taylor was having an affair with the prime suspect Colby, who secretly used Taylor to get details on Angelo’s investigation into Ross’s murder.

Realizing how dumb she was to put everything on the line to kill Colby, Taylor wonders if she and Angelo still have a chance to save their marriage.

7. Marilyn joins a dating app

Why did Marilyn enter the dating app? Is she trying to keep an eye on her odd husband, John, who has also recently built a profile on the same app?

Maz’s friends are sceptical of her intentions. Roo’s guess is that Marilyn should leave John to his own devices and delete the dumb app.

However, when Marilyn begins to match up with interested male admirers, she can’t bring herself to delete her profile yet.

8. Mackenzie makes a secret plan

With the danger of Paul, Leon and the gang still hanging over their heads, the Parata family is still watching their backs, particularly after Nikau was almost hit by a mystery car recently. But Mackenzie has agreed that enough is enough.

However, when Mac admits to her boyfriend Ari that she has a scheme to help the gang settle the drug debt, Ari advises her to stay out of business because it’s too dangerous.

Restaurant Chief Mackenzie is not one to tell him what to do and secretly plan to meet Paul to pay off Ari and Tane’s debt…

9. Justin lashes out at Leah

It’s been a painful time for Justin, who’s back in the hospital after he collapsed at Grace’s birthday party. Justin has lost all feeling in his legs, and worries that he will never walk again.

As Justin’s frustrations about the tumour on his spine build up, he snaps his rage towards his stunned girlfriend, Leah.

10. Tori clashes with Christian – again

Justin’s surgeon Christian also suggests that emergency surgery be done to remove the remainder of the tumour from Justin’s spine.

However, when Christian’s surgery is set, Justin’s sister doctor, Tori, sends a spin. She was also haunted by Justin’s last emergency surgery, where she had to make a life-or-death decision when he was on the operating table.

Afraid of history repeating itself, Tori tries to hold on to surgery for a few days, even though her boyfriend Christian insists that the surgery should go ahead.
11. Martha’s mystery message

Even though Alf and Martha are happily back together, there’s still a lot Alf doesn’t know about Martha’s life in the 30 years they’ve been apart.

As everyone starts talking about Marilyn and John’s dating app antics, Alf is uncomfortable knowing that Martha may have dated other men while they were apart.

Ok, there’s certainly someone from Martha’s history to tell Alf about…

While going through a pile of mail, Martha discovers a mystery message from someone named Kieran who wants to meet her.
12. Dean wants Ziggy back

There’s certainly been a little flirty spark between Ziggy and Tane since they started working together in the garage.

When Tane shows up at the farmhouse with some beers, the couple spend the evening together, and they’re sure to share a moment.

But the next day, things get complicated when Ziggy’s ex-boyfriend, Dean, gets wasted at her door and claims he really wants her.
13. Will Ryder sail away?

Is Ryder going to wave bye-bye to Summer Bay for a while? The Salt Barman is offered an internship on a cruise ship. Ryder’s family is expecting this to be a big opportunity for him.

However, concerned about his good friend Bella after her brother Colby’s murder trial, can Ryder turn down her internship and stay in the Bay to make sure she’s all right?


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