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Former Home And Away star Jake Ryan’s new movie is released and it is a must watch


If your evening dose of Jake Ryan has been absent since he left Home And Away sadly, you’re in luck.

The current 37-year-old project, a New Zealand movie called Savage, just fell on Stan.

Driven by tales from the boys’ homes in New Zealand and the early past of New Zealand gangs, Savage follows Jake’s character, Danny, at major junctures in his life through three different ages that drive and drag him to and away from gang life.

For the job, Jake gained 20kg. (The Stan)

The new dad understood the influence of working on the film on him.

I encountered these ex-gang members who had experienced abuse in state homes, and it was a pretty dark path. It took a bit of a toll on me, but it’s such an important story that everybody needs to hear and see,” Jake told the Daily Mail.

Jake gained 20 kg as part of his training for the movie and playing Danny, and would walk through the public in full costume, including some very serious facial tattoos.

“They were gone and I wasn’t staring at huge crowds of guys I’d find intimidating. It gave me a feeling of alienation and disconnection from society. It was a very fascinating experience,” he remembered.

Jake was best known for playing Home And Away with Robbo. (Seven-Channel)

At the beginning of 2020, when his beloved character left the programme, Summer Bay fans said a sad farewell to Jake.

Jake’s character Robbo was killed after he learned that the Ouroboros gang had turned his partner Scott over, the same gang that wanted him dead.

Trapped in a car with the man he once trusted in his life, Robbo struggled to keep his car under control before crashing at high speed.Finally, Robbo was taken to the hospital and managed to recover.

But as viewers watched him ask Colby (Tim Franklin) to look after the woman he loved, Jasmine, the heartache was not over (Sam Frost).

He went into heart arrest instantly, and the doctors did not save him.

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