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Home and Away Star Sam Frost share a pic of her childhood and Also stated her Battle with Depression


In addition to an emotional Instagram post about her struggle with depression, Sam Frost shared a picture of her childhood.

In the frame, in her teen years, a fresh-faced Sam appears to be wearing braces.

The 31-year-old Home and Away actress explained that a throwback photo was sent to her by her niece, which she felt at first was “disgusting.”
However, she was soon forced into tears after remembering the sad time of her life.

‘I stared at my mouth. Because of my eyes. And I was so crying. I remember how horrible my life was during this period,’ she wrote.


“I was really depressed for a long time. My life was full of extremely difficult issues… I couldn’t take it anymore and I didn’t feel like it was worth sticking on for my life.’

The former bachelorette then went on to give a heartfelt letter to her teenage self, reflecting on how far she had come.

‘If I could go back in time, I’d say to the younger one….’ It doesn’t feel like it right now, I know, but YOU’RE GOING TO BE OK. You’re going to have the most beautiful existence. The pain is going to go down, I promise.

‘And you, in the future, will be SO proud that you never gave up… that somehow you have found bravery. It was you who found the sun. You have found yourself, more specifically,’ she said.


Sam’s heartfelt post was packed with words of support from both fans and media figures.

Messages from fellow Home and Away co-stars Georgie Parker and Sarah Roberts were amongst them.

‘Nice girl. Splendid friend. Inside & out. The girl who found power & light & showed others how to do the same thing. Thanks for sharing with you the sun. Love you,’ Sarah wrote.

Georgie, meanwhile, added: ‘You young Sam, enormous hugs and love.’


In April, Sam told Who Magazine that she would like to use her profile to help those suffering from depression and shed light on the subject.

‘To me, depression is something that I have suffered with all my life,’ she added.

Sam became a household name after being The Bachelorette and going on to a career in acting. At the moment, she plays Jasmine Delaney in Home and Away.

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