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Most important spoilers coming up for home and away in next week


Colby faces awful threat, while Ziggy, after sleeping with Tane, rejects Dean.

Home and Away spoilers are following for UK viewers.

Next week’s Home and Away episodes see Colby’s jail ordeal taking a troubling turn, even after his detention, his loved ones in Summer Bay continue to pick up the pieces.

Meanwhile, Kieran and Lewis, two new characters, enter the Bay and look ready to mix things up.


Here is a complete list of 15 amazing moments coming up.

1. Concern is rising for Bella

Following Colby’s incarceration, Bella continues to suffer, especially as Willow has left the Bay, Nikau has headed off for a trip to New Zealand and Dean has gone AWOL.

Mackenzie lets Bella stay at her place for the night, so she has some company, while Ari focuses his attention on trying to locate Dean.

2. Hiding in the Mangrove River, Dean

Dean has returned to his former Mangrove River haunt and seems to be on a road to self-destruction. Dean is on the rebound from Ziggy by making pointless one-night stands, in addition to being embroiled in a heated bar brawl.


Dean is shocked to get a voicemail message from Colby, who has learned that Bella has abandoned him. It is still not enough to get through to Dean, but when Ari tracks him down and threatens him, he gets yet another reminder of Summer Bay life.

3. A big decision is taken by Dean

Dean doesn’t react well to the sudden arrival of Ari. Ari is adamant that Dean is expected to go back to the Bay to search for Bella, but Dean declines. Ari has to go back home alone and break the news that Dean seems to have broken ties with the Bay.

Mackenzie thinks Bella can move full-time into the Astoni farmhouse, but when Dean changes his mind and eventually returns home, this proves to be needless.

4. The son of Martha Kieran arrives

Kieran, Martha’s son, shows up in the bay to search for her. He states to Alf that, after years of estrangement, he needs an opportunity to restore his friendship with Martha.


As long as he follows some ground rules and accepts Martha’s limits, Alf decides to let Kieran stay at the caravan park. However, as they meet for the first time, Kieran soon manages to win over Martha and even charms Roo.

Irene has to admit to Roo that, due to Martha confiding in her, she heard about Kieran ahead of time. Roo takes this well and is glad that, while she wanted help, Irene was there to assist Martha.

5. Kieran is showing a darker dimension

Martha opens up to Alf about their past after Kieran has been in the Bay for a couple of days. Kieran was already a wild boy, but after he began drinking and developing rage problems as a result, his behaviour took a more alarming turn. Kieran says now that he is sober and a changed character.

As he asks Jasmine about the manager’s job at the gym that she’s promoting, some worrying warning signals about Kieran’s behaviour emerge. Jasmine suggests that he should back off his CV, but Kieran becomes pushy about whether he’s the right candidate and refuses to let it go.

During a private moment outside, Kieran vents his frustration after being ordered to back down.

6. Saying farewell to Angelo and Taylor

Angelo and Taylor agree to try another one for their partnership. Angelo agrees to take a break from work, preferring to give his full attention to their future, now that the Ross Nixon murder investigation is over. Taylor is happy that, by relying so much on work, Angelo would not slip back into old pits.


Before setting off for their new start, Angelo and Taylor tell their goodbyes to the likes of Alf and Roo.

7. The return to crime by Tane determines the garage

When the garage is involved in an ongoing criminal case, Justin is stunned. He discovers that the records of the organisation were uncovered on a burner phone owned by a dodgy man who was pulled over in a stolen vehicle.

Police are checking the garage and found nothing unusual. While it doesn’t look like this is going to be taken any further, Ziggy knows that she’s going to have to tell Justin the truth. Tane comes in by admitting how he used the garage to store stolen items, and it was not the fault of Ziggy.

8. Sleeping together are Tane and Ziggy

Following Tane’s confession, Ziggy is in trouble with Justin. Justin is angry that by covering for Tane, Ziggy will risk putting the garage into disrepute. After Ziggy’s past romantic relationship with Dean, another bad guy, he also says that history is repeating itself.

Ziggy does not react well to Justin making it personal and denies having any involvement in Tane romantically. When they cross paths at Salt, she vents to Tane, but Justin seems to have been right. Ziggy ends up at Parata’s house again, where she and Tane sleep.

9. Ari and Tane disagree about the latest demand from Paul

Paul, who is blackmailing the Paratas to carry out another illegal job for him, sends Ari a letter. Ari questions whether they can go ahead with it at all, because he feels Paul will just continue to come up with more work for them to do.

Tane feels that if Ari isn’t willing to help him, it is easier to play nice and promises to carry out the robbery alone.

10. Dean is refused by Ziggy again

Bella encourages Dean to keep trying to win Ziggy back for his efforts. Dean expresses his love for her as Ziggy eventually decides to speak and maintains that his thoughts will never change.

Ziggy then goes for Dean’s visit, but it’s bad news when she maintains again that there’s no hope they’ll get back together after he’s been covering up the facts about Ross’s murder for too long.

11. With Jasmine, Tori tries to establish ground rules with

Tori worries that Jasmine is slipping back into her old obsessive habits in the light of the mini-drama involving Grace’s first birthday gifts.

Tori confronts Jasmine after agonising about what to say and attempts to set the limits once again. Jasmine is puzzled by Tori’s words, reiterating that she genuinely wants a spot in the life of Grace, but is glad to do whatever they want with Tori and Christian. To convince Tori, will this be enough?

12. For Tori, Christian has some news

Christian informs Tori that he’s dreaming about permanently living in the Harbor. Tori is shocked at the devotion of Christian to their relationship, but he reveals that moving around in his work no longer appeals to him because Tori and Grace would rather settle down.

She and Christian announce the big news with Justin and Leah until Tori is won over.

13. Irene is backing John

On the Silver Dreams dating app, John confides in Irene about his rocky time. While he’s doing well with the updates he’s getting, a recent event where he stood up for an in-person date without explanation knocked down John’s confidence.

By taking him out for supper as a friend, Irene attempts to give John a lift.

14. Jasmine is keeping up with an ancient blaze

Jasmine meets Colby in prison and is shocked to cross paths with Lewis, an old flame-agency nurse, who does some jail service. If Jasmine is through with the visit, Lewis is happy to see Jasmine and they plan to have a coffee together. Later on, this refers to salt drinks.
When they were together at university, Jasmine and Lewis kissed, but their friendship at the time did not go any further. Years later, Lewis is single after Anna, his wife, died tragically in a car crash.

As Jasmine opens up about the death of her fiancé Robbo after a road crash, it is clear that the friends have common ground. Might this be the beginning for Jasmine to something special?

15. Horrible risk faces Colby

In prison, Colby continues to suffer, dwelling on how sad he felt after Jasmine’s visit.

Colby is alarmed to be confronted by a gang of fellow criminals, who have rumbled at him like a retired policeman, on a stroll across the prison grounds. Stuff look configured to turn aggressive.

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