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EXCLUSIVE:Emily Symons discovers her Home And Away love triangle isn’t exactly as it appears Big changes are coming.

Six years were presumably just together, but Home And Away’s John and Marilyn were among the most popular, stable characters in the programme.

Six years is a really good sprint for Summer Bay romance because you truly feel in it.

But the excited newcomer Susie, played by Bridie Carter, has quenched any possibility of reconciliation between the pair.

2014 married Marilyn and John. (Third Channel)

It’d be safe to believe that Marilyn would be green with jealousy or at least a little damage with a magnificent new woman paying much affection to her ex.

But speaking only with Emily Symons reveals that Marilyn’s actress is nothing more than anything.

Emily tells Susie’s first thought of her character. She’s surprised… where did this fancy girlfriend find John?

On John, Susie has her eye.

But that’s all about the end. Eat your heart out, green-eyed beast.

The Bay is so excited that Marilyn is now not troubled by her interest in John and his new relationship.

“All works out for Marilyn, I agree. She finds her way.”

No love is lost for Emily and Bridie, who made a lovely friendship right away.

Emily is furiously adored and “Bridie is so cool and very competent, her mother and she flies every weekend from Northern NSW.”

“She does it all with dignity because she has so much on her mind.”

Emily suggests Marilyn is going to work on her partnerships. (Instagram) Instagram:Emily suggests Marilyn is going to work on her partnerships. (Instagram) Instagram:

The 51-youth acknowledges that she has a far more intrigued Summer Bay romance, and frankly we don’t blame her.

“I’m curious to see what is going on, can it work out with Ziggy and Tane?” she teases.

Emily shares what she has in 2021 with her alter ego: “We’re going to see her mates Roo and Stewart as a support system.

“Marilyn also joins Ryder in the fun stuff and the other young cast.”

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