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Home and Away introduces an Actresses’ old flame in 14 spoiler pictures

In the week starting on Monday, February 15, the entire set of pictures demonstrating what’s ahead on UK screens.

February 18, Thursday: Tane takes Ziggy back to his place

In the end, the couple give in to temptation.

Thursday, February 18: Ziggy discovers that she herself was joking.

Earlier on, she told Justin that between her and Tane, nothing was going on.

February 18, Thursday: Ziggy and Tane spent the night together

But how is the next morning going to make them feel? Is it just a one-off or just the beginning of something more?

Friday the 19th of February: Jasmine goes to jail

For days, she has been agonising about whether or not she should see Colby.

19th of February Friday: Jasmine checks in

She’s worried about seeing Colby, knowing that after his first few days behind bars, he could be in a terrible way.

Friday, February 19: Jasmine gets more than she’s been negotiating for in prison.

She runs into a face that’s familiar.

Friday, February 19: Jasmine is remembered by newcomer Lewis Hayes

Lewis, played by Luke Arnold, is an office nurse who is operating in prison at the time. A couple years back, he went to university with Jasmine.

February 19, Friday: Jasmine and Lewis enjoy catching up with each other

Together they have coffee, which leads to drinks at Salt later. When they were at Uni together, Jasmine and Lewis kissed once, then went their separate ways. Will that be their time to reconnect?

Friday 19 February: Alf talks to Kieran, Martha’s son,

Kieran and his mum are trying to make amends, but Alf is suspicious of the newcomer.

Friday 19 February: Alf listens to what he wants to say to Kieran

After hearing the specifics of Kieran’s tumultuous past, Alf is torn.

Friday, February 19: Alf and Kieran catch up with Martha

She’s adamant that Alf should give Kieran, particularly because he’s a family, a fair chance.

Friday 19th of February: Kieran spends some time getting to know Roo

As nobody knew that Martha had a son, Kieran and Roo met for the first time.

Friday, February 19: Roo receives a warm welcome from Kieran

Martha’s conviction that Kieran deserves a shot is echoed by Roo.

Friday, February 19: It seems that the Stewarts are getting along.

But by accepting Kieran into their lives, have they made a mistake? Just time will tell.

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