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EXCLUSIVE: Home And Away’s Tori & Christian’s sudden engagement is heating up in Summer Bay.


She is not so pleased with the happy couple?

As hot doc Christian proposes to a very shocked Tori this week, prepare yourself for the shock of a lifetime-and she says yes! Looks like we’ve got to look forwards to another Home And Away wedding.

To claim that the friendship between Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey) was a tornado is an understatement. Cyclonic may be a better way to describe how rapidly it passes.

Yet she loves him, no wonder.

It was a whirlwind, so does Tori know what she wants to do about Christian? (Seven-Channel)

“Penny, 37, tells TV WEEK, “Christian oozes confidence and beauty that is really pleasing to Tori.

He really likes Tori all that she is, “but deep down he’s compassionate and considerate.”

Last week, as fans will remember, Christian was searching for a house with enough space for Tori and baby Grace to live in. Clearly, the man had long-term vision.

“From the outset, Christian worshipped Grace and made no secret about wanting to play a part of her life,” Penny explains.


“He’s very happy caring for her – always move in and help feed her or take care of her while Tori works. It’s nice to watch.”

Christian decides that it’s Tori.

Today, as the doctors walk down the pier for a romance, Christian unexpectedly professes his Tori love and asks her to marry him.

“Tori is surprised when Christian proposes,” Penny says.

“It was just a little when they were together, so she didn’t expect it. So after the shock wears off she says yes, of course!”


Yet not all are glad for their unorthodox dedication. Who can it be? Who can it be?

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