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EXCLUSIVE: Things are getting a bit romantic between Home and away’s John and Susie

To meet Susie for dinner, John plucks up the nerve.

From the moment the trendy Susie McAllister landed in the Bay, the unlucky John Palmer was struck.

This week, he calls the trust to be with the real estate agent on a date. But will John’s big night become a catastrophe?

Last week, Susie (Bridie Carter) arrived in town to help Christian (Ditch Davey) find a place to live, as we saw in Home And Away.

But within seconds of stepping into the restaurant, John took her with him (Shane Withington).

Oddly, newcomer Susie finds the conversation with John intriguing… The Seven Channel

The pair related as he shared all the fascinating trivia he learned about the Bay with Susie, according to him, anyway.

He was unbelievably asked to have dinner that night by a charmed Susie. She doesn’t waste time, okay!

“She’s a lady who knew what she wanted. So when she saw it, she went for it, and she’s not excused.” Bridie, 50 years old, tells TV WEEK.

…as though it truly is not. The Seven Channel

Ever after separating from wife Marilyn (Emily Symons) last year, poor John has been heartbroken.

Things are looking up suddenly after attempting internet dating and finding it’s not for him.

“John can’t believe his luck following his heartbreak in 2020,” series creator Lucy Addario says of John.

“Seeing him in that position is lovely.”

Why is Irene on her first date with John and Susie? The Seven Channel

Irene (Lynne McGranger), who has always had the best interests of John at heart, is enthusiastic by the fact that he is going on a real date.

But during the outing, a restless John obsesses, and when things threaten to go awry at dinner, he asks for Irene’s support.

Less than impressed is Susie.

Is John blown his romantic opportunity?

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