Friday, March 31, 2023

Home and Away: The romantic spark for the newcomer Lewis Hayes and Jasmine Delaney Jasmine has caught up with an old flame.

For UK and Australian readers, Home and Away spoilers follow.

Next week, UK fans of Home and Away will get their first taste of Lewis Hayes’ new character.

Luke Arnold was cast in the part of Lewis, who is Jasmine Delaney’s old flame.

Jasmine (Sam Frost) wrestles with the question of whether or not to see her pal Colby Thorne in jail in future scenes on Channel 5.

She gets more than she negotiated for as Jasmine finally agrees to go, as she crosses paths with Lewis suddenly.

Jasmine and Lewis went to college together and, at the time, shared a passionate flame. One time, they kissed, then went their separate ways.

Lewis is also a nurse with the department and is now working at the jail. He arranges to meet up with her while he sees Jasmine, after she has done seeing Colby (Tim Franklin).

Together, Lewis and Jasmine have a coffee that then progresses to drinks at Salt.

Lewis speaks up on what he’s been up to in the last few years. He and his partner, Anna, were in a happy relationship, but she died in a car crash.

Jasmine speaks up to Robbo, her late fiancée, who lost her life in a car accident as well.

As Jasmine and Lewis keep on bonding, may this be the beginning of something different for the two of them?

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