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Home and Away spoilers: Two favourites leave for good in surprising scenes?


This week is all about change in the Bay, as two favourites make huge life decisions that could lead to them leaving the lovely seaside town for good. Ryder is offered a job.

Mia realises it’s time to move to New Zealand for good after receiving an offer he can’t refuse after dreaming of being a croupier.

First and foremost, we’ll witness Mia stunned by Tane’s suggestion that she leave Chloe behind and seek serenity somewhere. Mia can’t bear the thought of abandoning her daughter, despite his assurances that he and Nikau will take care of her. Tane, on the other hand, suggests that Mia might not be the greatest person to assist Chloe at this time.

Mia realises that Chloe is happy in the Bay after seeing her out with her pals after some time and contemplation. She realises they need some distance to heal, and when she tells Chloe, both mother and daughter cry as they realise they’ve made the correct decision. Tane gives her a one-way plane ticket to New Zealand as a present…


Meanwhile, Ryder has been fantasising about casino flash and grandeur since he began assisting Mackenzie and Felicity with after-hours poker games in Salt. He notices how intense the environment is and begs his coworkers to play some games and practise with him, but they are unwilling to risk the events for a newcomer.

However, his luck may be about to change when he receives a text from his mother about a position on a cruise ship that has become vacant. He may travel the world and work as a mixologist before returning to the casino and beginning a new career as a croupier. Ryder is ecstatic about the thought, but will he be able to leave his friends and family behind so quickly, especially when Martha is so sick?

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