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The most important spoilers for Home and Away Ahead that you don’t want to miss!


Colby’s not looking good at the next week’s Home and Away episodes as he’s rushed to the hospital.

In the meantime, Christian asks Tori to marry him. And why is Heath Braxton back here?


Here’s a round-up of all the must-see moments coming…

1. Colby is taken to hospital


After a major cliffhanger, Colby rushed to the Northern District Hospital in Yabbie Creek after being beaten by fellow prisoners.

Colby has a seizure on his way to the hospital, and his life hangs in the balance.

2. Jasmine and Lewis Posess a Hidden Plan

As Colby remains in a critical condition, Jasmine realizes she has to break the news of Colby’s younger sister Bella and Dean’s best mate. The nurse is in for a shock when a parole officer warns her that Colby is not allowed to visit.


Fearing that time is running out for Colby, Jasmine is teaming up with her one-time Lewis flame and prison nurse to set up a scheme to secretly smuggle Bella and Dean into Colby’s hospital room.

3. Dean upsets Bella about Colby

Bella and Dean are saddened at the prospect of having to say their final goodbyes to Colby. Even if Colby comes through, Dean worries his friend won’t be in jail for the next 25 years.

Bella desperately wants to protect her big brother from further harm, but she’s left behind in Dean’s horror stories about life in prison.


4. Alf has a warning for Kieran

Kieran is all laughing as he wants to reconnect with his exiled mother Martha and gets to meet his half-sister Roo for the first time. However, Alf also fears what his wife Martha has revealed about Kieran’s dark history of drinking and abuse.

Although Martha and Roo want Alf to give Kieran a chance, the Summer Bay legend has a message for Kieran – if he gets out of line and hurts someone in Alf’s family, Alf will have to deal with it.

5. Mackenzie and Ari are with Bella

Bella is completely in the dumps after Dean has told her that Colby is going to die if he goes back to jail.

Dean’s sister, Mackenzie, and her boyfriend, Ari, are not pleased by his actions. After all, Dean is meant to be watching out and helping Bella while her big brother is behind bars. But is Dean going to listen when Ari threatens the surfer dude for upsetting Bella?


6. is the any help for Dean?

Meanwhile, Dean becomes skeptical when he suspects that Ari and his younger brother Tane are in great trouble.

The Parata brothers manage to avoid disclosing to Dean that they are being blackmailed by Paul and his gang into carrying out armed robberies in nearby Reefton Lakes. Yet Dean remains skeptical and decides to make some strange phone calls…

7. Kieran is secretly boozing

Things are looking for Kieran when Jasmine, the owner of the gym, offers him a job. But little is revealed to Jasmine or the Stewart family, but Kieran is still dealing with some dark demons.

Kieran turns to his underground alcohol stash alone in the night to drown his sorrows.

8. Heath Braxton is Back !!

It’s been four years since we last saw Heath Braxton, but the River Boy is coming back after a call from Dean, warning him of the trouble that Ari and Tane have had with Paul and his band.

When Heath learns that the intended armed robbery is taking place on the territory of River Boys, he is not amused.

So, just as Ari and Tane fear that they have no choice but to commit a crime, Heath and his River Boy buddies turn up to teach Paul and his gang a lesson.

9. Colby says goodbye to Dean

Dean is desperate to support Colby. After all, he also feels partially to blame for this awful turn of events since Dean initially helped Colby cover up the murder of Colby’s despised stepdad Ross Nixon.

But when Dean visits Colby again at the hospital, he’s in shock when Colby announces that he’s made a big decision about his future. What is Colby deciding? And what does this mean for him and Dean?

10. Can Tane Dominate Ziggy?

After her latest one-night stand with Tane, Ziggy always feels all sorts of uncomfortable.

Only to complicate things, Ziggy’s ex-boyfriend Dean also declares his love and wants to pursue his relationship again. What the hell’s a girl to do?

Tane also has the designs for Ziggy since their hook-up. But with his charms, will he win her over?

11. Dinner date disaster for John

There’s a new lady in the area! Stylish estate agent Susie McAllister draws the attention of both John and his exiled wife Marilyn when she arrives in Summer Bay. But it’s John with whom Susie interacts, and she doesn’t waste time asking him out for dinner.

But is John going to screw up when he gets anxious and invites a good friend of Irene to join them?

12. Christian proposes to Tori

Tori was rather surprised when her jetsetting surgeon boyfriend Christian announced that he wants to settle down in Summer Bay. To prove his commitment, Christian immediately begins house hunting, with the help of estate agent Susie.

And that’s not all. Despite the fact they haven’t been dating that long, Christian decides he’s ready to put a ring on it. How will Tori react when Christian unexpectedly pops the question?

13. Justin collapses in pain

Justin is finally back on his feet after the emergency surgery to remove a tumour from his spine. But while working at the garage, Justin’s back seizes up and he collapses to the ground in pain.

After being admitted to hospital again, Justin and his girlfriend Leah fear the tumour may have returned.

14. Good news for Jasmine

Jasmine has something to smile about when Lewis reveals he has applied for a transfer from the prison to work at Northern District Hospital. She is grateful for his emotional support during all the drama involving her good friend Colby.

Now it looks like Jasmine will be seeing a whole lot more of Lewis, could their friendship develop into something more? Watch this space.


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