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In 2007, Lincoln Lewis joined home and Away Set and we haven’t stopped thinking about it since


Did you really survive in the 2000s if you weren’t crushing on Geoff Campbell?

It was the presentation that left a thousand (or more) spectators gasping for air, a little curious, and eager for more.

Lincoln Lewis didn’t exactly burst onto Australian screens in 2007, but he did so with a soft canter as the pure, innocent Geoff Campbell on Home and Away.

Yes, Geoff and his little sister Annie were quiet farm kids who had spent their childhood being home schooled by their very devout uncle on the Australian soap.


For others, Geoff and Annie’s tale started a little oddly (but incredibly naturally by Home and Away’s standards). They discovered Martha, a native from Summer Bay, sleeping in their rural barn. Geoff agreed to take her back to the Bay, where he and Annie had a milkshake at The Diner.

Like they say, the rest is history.

Although Geoff’s tenure in Summer Bay came to an end in 2010, actor Lincoln Lewis continues to be in the spotlight, particularly now that he’s been added to the Dancing With The Stars All Star cast.

So, in honour of Lincoln, AKA Geoff’s illustrious television career and what’s yet to come, we take a look back at his humble origins in Summer Bay.


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Geoff and Annie (Charlotte Best) grew up on their uncle’s peaceful rural farm, where they were homeschooled under his strict supervision. (Seventh Channel)

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However, when the teenagers arrived in Summer Bay one day, they quickly drew Sally’s attention (Kate Ritchie). She was eager to assist Geoff and Annie in becoming regular teenagers, outside of their stern uncle’s control. (Seventh Channel)


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Geoff and Annie eventually discovered that their parents, who died in a car accident when they were children, had intended them to attend a regular school, but their uncle had kept that knowledge from them. Fortunately, the teenagers prevailed in the end, and they were about to start school at Summer Bay High. (Seventh Channel)

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As soon as Geoff started to settle down, he created a stir. He stood out from the crowd in both good and bad ways as a keen (and reasonably decent) rugby player. At the beginning, a couple of his teammates were scared. (Seventh Channel)

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Geoff quickly established an on-again, off-again relationship with fellow student Aden Jeffries (played by Todd Lasance). The two had a number of run-ins, whether it was over a brawl on the football field or later as they served together on a prawn trawler. (Seventh Channel)


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Of course, the two shared their ups and downs, with the couple even standing up for one another while things got rough. Lincoln said he enjoyed “amping up” their scenes together to intensify their feud while talking about acting with Todd. (Seventh Channel)

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And, of course, there’s his friendship with Nicole to consider (played by Tessa James). Geoff was initially romantically involved with Melody (Celeste Dodwell), but it was obvious that Geoff and Nicole were a much better fit. Tessa previously said that the two had a “fierce” bond despite going through some difficult times, as is typical of Summer Bay’s dramatic stories. (Seventh Channel)

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Though their relationship had its ups and downs, Geoff and Irene developed a beautiful friendship, and Irene became a mother figure to him and his sister Annie during his time in Summer Bay. (Seventh Channel)

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Geoff’s religious origins eventually took precedence. He left The Bay in 2010 with hopes of working as a missionary, his relationship with Nicole long over, and his next one with Ruby (played by Rebecca Breeds) also over. Of note, that’s a very open-ended departure; logically, Geoff stays in the Summer Bay alternate universe. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a potential return… (Seventh Channel)

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