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Home and Away’s Penny McNamee talks Tori and Christian Shares Their Wedding Plans


The Bay’s Penny McNamee reveals the prospect of being a soap bride and fulfilling a dream of being Meg Ryan, the whirlwind romance of Tori!

It is safe to say Tori Morgan, the Sommer Bay nurse, was sad, but with her most loving mate, Chirurg Christian Green she seems to have found the award ticket (played by Spartacus actor Ditch Davey).

Penny McNamee spoke to whatsontv.co.uk about Tori and the surprise dedication of Christian and teased what was going on with their future. He spoke to them.

Penny McNamee says, when Dr. Christian first met, Tori didn’t know what to make of him!

The pair started last year, but it took time to step up the gear with Christians living off the bay.

Did Tori discover true love?

Christian was keen to move in with Tori after things began to become more serious between them.


She did love him, but felt that things moved very quickly.

When Ash left the bay without her in 2018, Tori was left heartbreaking (Picture: Channel 5)

Is the proposal surprising to Tori?

Bride and gladness!

For the first time in 2016 Penny joined Aussie soap and uncommonly she was a bridesmaid for soapland, but she was not…

“I would love a wedding in Summer Bay! It’d be gorgeous. Out of all men she’s dated, I think that Christian is the right man for Tori.

“She deserves a joyful conclusion.”

Newcomer Lewis Hayes seems to be causing Christian ruins

But Penny knows that things have been going smoothly up to now, and there are a couple of bumps ahead.

Particularly when nurse Lewis Hayes arrived – a face from the past of Christian.

“They’ll have to work on that.”

Tori more funny

For Penny, one of Tori’s pleasures with Christian was an incentive for her to pursue a romcom like Meg Ryan.


Especially in the early days of Tori and the meeting Christian, when Penny admits that Tori lovestruck the beautiful surgeon with a bit of a klutz.

And this is the same ditch. He’s had great comic time and he’s so delectable so it worked really.” “I’m fine to do romantic comedy and I like it.

Penny McNamee posted an instagram for fans with the finest moments between Tori and Christian

Tori’s a well liked character and she’s ‘been by the wringer,’ as Penny calls it.

Fans have been making a run for Tori in the heart’s affairs.

We keep our fingers crossed and Tori gets pretty pleased with it ever since… And naturally, the huge wedding in the Summer Bay!


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