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Home and Away Spoilers – New arrivals, a bikie gang and a proposal


It’s time to take a look at the most recent Home and Away spoilers for the coming months, which include the departure of even more individuals, the introduction of new characters, an engagement, and the arrival of a biker gang ready to rock the bay.

Fans and paparazzi photographers often get to see storylines being filmed months before they hit our screens, thanks to the show’s outdoor scenes being shot at Palm Beach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

As a result, we frequently get first looks at new characters, and it’s often able to figure out who’s leaving when performers haven’t been seen filming for several months.

We’ve got some good insights into some of the storylines coming up between now and the end of the year, thanks to some extra tidbits shared by Home and Away cast members themselves.


Over the last few months, Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams), Mia Anderson (Anna Samson), and Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) have all said their goodbyes, with Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller) leaving Summer Bay next week.

As if four departees in four months wasn’t heartbreaking enough, there are still a few more goodbyes to come!

As Jasmine departs, Cash finds it difficult to make ends meet.

Within the next month or so, Jasmine (Sam Frost) will be leaving Summer Bay.


Actress Sam Frost was thought to be leaving the programme momentarily while undergoing a medical procedure and being vaccinated, but it was later revealed that she would be leaving permanently.

In December of last year, she announced her resignation, saying, “We support and respect Sam’s choice to leave Home and Away.” Sam departs with our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes for the future.”

There was some confusion about Sam’s departure from the show at first, as Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts) said shortly after the announcement that Sam was likely in talks with the producers about returning.

While it now appears unlikely that Sam will return, given her absence from set, Lynne’s comments suggest that Jasmine’s departure from Summer Bay is left open-ended, with the possibility of a return.


Will she leave the bay for a short time, as Bella did for her three-month trip to New York? What does this mean for her relationship with Cash?

Her departure comes just months after the introduction of her half-brother Xander (Luke Van Os) and step-sister Rose (Kirsty Marillier). She’s also in a committed relationship with Senior Constable Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), and it’s unclear what will prompt her to uproot her life and leave Summer Bay.

We do know that her departure will be abrupt. After their sibling’s departure, Rose and Xander are also a little lost, but Cash takes them under his wing and the three become good friends.

Nicholas Cartwright, the actor who plays Cash, revealed in a fan Q&A with CelebTime that he struggled with Jasmine’s decision to leave the bay.

“I believe everyone is aware that Jasmine will be leaving shortly,” Nicholas added. “It lands on Cash… Consider how hard it would be on Cash.”

The episode about Jasmine’s leaving will premiere in June.


Farewell, Logan Bennett is a character in the film Logan Bennett

Dr. Logan Bennett’s departure is also approaching.

Seven revealed in January that actress Harley Bonner would be leaving the show at the end of the 2021 season.

“When filming resumes in the coming weeks,” a spokeswoman for Seven said at the time, “Channel Seven can confirm Harley will not return to Home and Away.”

“We send Harley go with our best wishes and heartfelt gratitude for his contributions to the show.”

Logan broke up with Mackenzie (Emily Weir) after discovering the truth about her illegal poker sessions and the fact that she was being blackmailed by PK, according to Australian fans.

Will his breakup with Mackenzie be the first step toward him leaving Summer Bay? His relationship with Mackenzie was the reason for him deciding to stay in Summer Bay in the first place, so will their breakup be the first move towards him leaving?

Logan’s farewell scenes are expected to air in the following weeks.

Is Chloe Anderson going to leave?

Following Mia’s departure for a new start in New Zealand, it appears that we’ll soon be saying our goodbyes to her daughter Chloe as well.

When Sam Barrett wasn’t seen filming in Palm Beach for a while, rumours of Chloe’s departure began to circulate, and Nicholas Cartwright confirmed Sam’s departure in a Q&A with fans in early April.

While we don’t know when we may expect to witness Chloe’s exit on television, her new romance with Theo is clearly going to be short-lived. Fortunately for Theo, it appears that a new romance is on the way…

Guests who have recently arrived
To make up for the recent flurry of departures, a slew of new individuals has arrived, and we’re starting to learn more about what – or who – has brought them to Summer Bay.

Nicholas Cartwright has revealed that five new characters, Bree, Heather, Kirby, Eden, and Remi, will be introduced in the coming months. The new characters’ full identities are being kept under wraps, but fans have already deduced several elements.

Bree Cameron, Ph.D. (Juliet Godwin)

CelebTime’s Home and Away Tour provided this photo.

Juliet Godwin was first photographed filming in early April while filming surf sequences in Palm Beach.

Juliet was said to be portraying a new doctor, according to the Daily Mail at the time. Nicholas Cartwright has stated in a Q&A that she will play Dr. Bree Cameron.

Juliet was later sighted filming with James Stewart (Justin Morgan) on Home and Away, again with her surfboard under her arm, by visitors of the Location Tour.

Bree is expected to take over as Head of Emergency Department at Northern Districts Hospital, though it is unclear whether she will succeed Logan.

Juliet is a regular, according to Nicholas Cartwright, who first signed on for three years.

Heather is a woman who likes to (Sofia Nolan)

Morrissey Management provided the photo.

Sofia Nolan, who has been in Drop Dead Weird, Kiki and Kitty, and most recently as Taylor Emerson in RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service, plays the new character Heather.

Little is known about her, but she’ll be involved in a major plot with Cash at the end of the year.

“The name of Sophie Nolan’s character is Heather, and [Cash] will be filming a major plot with her soon,” Nicholas added.

Heather has also been seen filming with Kawakawa Fox-Reo, who plays Nikau, on a frequent basis, causing some fans to believe that Heather and Nikau may wind up dating following Bella’s departure.

Kirby, Eden, and Remi (Angelina Thomson)
The three remaining new characters are largely unknown. Three new actors were photographed filming in Palm Beach in February, and it’s probable that these are the names of the roles.

Mollison Keightley Management, Marquee Management, and Helen Pandos Management (L-R)

Actors Angelina Thomson, Rob Mallett, and Jamaica Vaughan were photographed filming scenes for the programme by the Daily Mail.

Rob Mallett was observed gazing at a poster for a live music event at Salt called ‘Lyric’ while wearing a blue singlet and a black trilby hat. During an animated conversation with Angelina Thomson’s character, the character took one of the posters.

Because of his clothes and the attention he was paying to the live music poster, fans instantly assumed he was a musician. In April, Nicholas Cartwright revealed that a “rock and roll band” will be joining the bay, fueling speculation that the three recruits are related.

Jamaica Vaughan was photographed on the beach in a separate incident, but the images provided no further context. On her forearm, her character was shown with a big snake-like tattoo.

We anticipate seeing them on screen in June.

CelebTime’s Home and Away Tour provided this photo.

Kirby is currently thought to be Angelina Thomson’s character, and it appears that she will end up in a relationship with Theo (Matt Evans).

Fans who attended the Home and Away Location Tour have seen the two interacting and holding hands on several occasions.

The CelebTime Home and Away Tour provided the footage for this video.
The duo were seen holding hands outside the Surf Club in late March, before the female walked away and Theo threw his arms up, seeming exasperated.

Wheeler, Tex (Lucas Linehan)

Zelman Cressey-Gladwin contributed to this image.

Another newcomer is Lucas Linehan’s Tex Wheeler, who was first seen on set in February.

Lucas was spotted filming with Ethan Browne outside the surf club, according to Kawakawa’s Instagram account, in a moment that was also witnessed by fans on the Home and Away Tour.

CelebTime’s Home and Away Tour provided this image.

Another scene appears to show the novice getting up up and personal with new copper Rose in another session.

CelebTime’s Home and Away Tour provided this photograph.

Nothing else is known about the character at this time, including how long he’ll be around.

A motorcycle gang arrives.

Dean is the last survivor of the notorious River Boys.

There’s a new gang in town, and it’s not the River Boys!

Nicholas Cartwright hinted the appearance of a bikie gang in a late April interview with CelebTime, revealing that they would play a role in a narrative involving his character Cash, as well as Xander and Rose.

Nick said in a second interview earlier this month that his favourite scene to film was previously the organophosphate scenes at Salt, but that it’s now an upcoming scene with the bikie gang, who come to town and create havoc.

“It was the organophosphate plot with the gassing, which I had an absolute blast on since it was the first time I had taken a significant storyline as a young actor, totally new to the programme.” That was a great deal of pleasure.

“But we’ve just finished shooting a new one – it hasn’t aired yet, so I don’t want to say too much about it – but it’s my favourite so far.”

“Basically, a gang of bikers arrives in town, and Cash is enraged since he despises criminality. As a result, he goes insane.”

Cash and Felicity have decided to live together.

When Cash moved in with girlfriend Jasmine to Irene’s apartment, he struggled at first.

After years of living independently, he was embarrassed when Irene discovered him shirtless while getting a drink of water, and it took him a while to relax and be himself around his new landlady.

With Jasmine preparing to leave next month, it appears that either Cash or Irene will decide to leave the beach house.

Cash no longer lives with Irene, according to Nick Cartwright, and instead moves in with Felicity “for a little while.”

We expect Cash will be seeking for a new place to reside soon, as Flick’s caravan is likely to be too small for the two of them for more than a few days.

Is it time to say goodbye to the Diner and Bait Shop?

Since 2008, the Pier Diner and Alf’s Bait Shop have been located at the Barrenjoey Boathouse and adjacent seaplane dock, which have been seen on screen since the commencement of the show.

When Charlotte King and her son Hunter came into the flat in 2015, the building’s upstairs, about which we had previously heard nothing, was finally put to use.

Mackenzie now lives there, and it was Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) house until his car accident rendered him unable to climb the stairs.

The popular Boathouse restaurant, Barrenjoey Boat Hire (which doubles as Alf’s bait shop), and Sydney by Seaplane are all housed in the real-life building, which is located on Station Beach on the Pittwater side of the Palm Beach peninsula.

However, the site is set to vanish from outside scenes for a while….

The boathouse, which was erected in 1947 and has undergone several renovations and expansions since then, is no longer fit for purpose and has already been dismantled!

Fans of both teams should not be concerned, as the complex will be replaced by a nearly identical structure, which will cost AUD $4 million and be completed within the next six months.

A rendering of the new design (left) and the current boathouse (right) (right) Deneb Design is a company that specialises in graphic design.

The significant apparent difference is that the entire building has been raised to comply with statutory flood levels, along with a small ancillary building to hold storage and public facilities. The building will be 1.7m taller after additional changes to allow greater use of the upper level for office space, as well as an additional exterior staircase.

The Diner’s interior sequences are shot at Seven’s Eveleigh studios, which means the show could theoretically continue as usual until the diner is rebuilt, with the exception of existing stock photos. Given that the real-life location of Summer Bay House, which burned down in bushfires in 2002, was absent from exterior sequences for nearly 12 years until the reconstructed property reappeared in 2015, this isn’t something new to the programme.

With the appearance of the new ‘Coffee Cart’ on the parkland that runs beside the beach, viewers will have already witnessed the preparations for the boathouse rebuild on-screen. The first sign came a month ago, when Irene stated that some remodelling work would be taking place, and that one of the dining entrances would be closed.

Fearing a drop in business, the cart was put up as an alternative, with Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Irene (Emily Symons), and Marilyn (Ada Nicodemou) hauling boxes of coffee from the Diner to the new pop-up venue and selling coffee to the many passers-by.

Marilyn has also referenced the Diner’s construction, implying that we may be seeing a lot less of it for a while.

While it’s expected that the programme would resume filming there once the renovations are complete, Nicholas Cartwright admitted that “we can’t, because we don’t have access to that place any longer, which is such a shame” when asked if they still film at the Bait Shop location.

The poker misfortunes of Mac and Felicity continue.

Mackenzie’s financial difficulties have dominated recent episodes of Home and Away, as she began holding poker evenings in Salt to raise money to pay off her debt.

With the entrance of Peter King (Ryan Johnson), aka PK, things took a turn for the worst. PK duped Mac into believing she owed him an additional $100,000.

Nicholas Cartwright, when asked how he thinks about the recently broadcast moments in which PK’s body was discovered on Summer Bay’s beach, leading to Dean’s framing, said there’s still a lot more drama to come.

Filming the scenes was “a lot of fun,” Nicholas remarked. “Hey, it’s getting really cool.” And the storyline just continues going and going for Flick and Mac, becoming worse and worse. It’s not over yet, for example.

“Shooting it was a lot of fun. Shooting anything with a body is a lot of pleasure.”

Dean has already been arrested after a bloodied wrench was discovered in Ziggy’s car, and Cash will arrest his own sister in the coming episodes as he finds her role in Mackenzie’s poker sessions.

Is there any way things can get any worse?

The ex-girlfriend of Cash shows up.

The ex-girlfriend is on her way to town. This is never going to end nicely.

Thankfully, Jasmine Delaney will be long gone by the time Cash Newman’s ex, Stephanie Panozzo, comes in approximately 4-5 months.

What draws her to town is unknown, but Nicholas Cartwright speculates that it may bring happiness to his character Cash.

“I think it’s a really great plot,” Nicholas added, “because Cash goes through some struggle.”

“I think everyone’s aware that Jasmine is leaving, and that it will affect Cash… imagine how badly it will affect Cash.”

Tane makes a proposal to Felicity.

Tane and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) were rocked just a few months ago when Flick revealed that she wasn’t sure marriage or kids were for her.

“As if anyone could ever tie down Flick, and good luck to them if they do!” Nick responded in a recent Q&A when asked if he could ever picture Tane and Flick getting married.

Tane, on the other hand, may be about to do just that. Tane gets down on one knee in recent fan footage uploaded on social media, while other characters, one of whom was clutching a guitar, looked on.

Felicity appears to walk away in amazement in the video, implying that Tane may not get an immediate yes, but she appears to accept his proposal.

“Didn’t Tane and Flick just get engaged?” a viewer of the CelebTime video wondered. Nicholas responded with a laugh and a question about how the fans are already aware of this information.

“How do you know that, considering that’s meant to be a secret?” “This is a genuine question.”

“The cat’s out of the bag,” he admitted, “they got engaged lately on the show, but it hasn’t made it to the TV yet.” “How did you guys figure that out?”

Iandra Castle is home to “something really exciting.”
This week, some members of the Home and Away cast have been filming at Iandra Castle, a large farmstead in New South Wales’ Central West region.

The homestead, stables, surrounding gardens and parkland, as well as a chapel and cemetery, make up the complex.

Ray Meagher (Alf), Ada Nicodemou (Leah), Georgie Parker (Roo), Emily Symons (Marilyn), and Lynne McGranger (Irene) all appeared in the scenes, dressed in brightly coloured ensembles.

On Instagram, Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah, said the cast was “out on location shooting something really exciting.”

Geogie captioned a photo of herself with her co-stars on Instagram with the caption “Busy, gorgeous Tuesday.”

Kirsty Marillier (Rose), Nicholas Cartwright (Cash), and Luke Van Os (Xandar) were also filming, with photographs of Rose in her police outfit and Xander in his paramedic uniform on Kirsty and Ada’s instagrams.

It’s unclear what brings the four Summer Bay veterans, as well as the town’s newest cops and paramedic, to the remote site, but we’ll find out by the end of the year.

For many years, CelebTime has organised the Home and Away Location Tour, and also offers the “CelebTime Facebook Subscribers Group,” which allows fans to participate in exclusive live group discussions with Home and Away performers.

Nicholas Cartwright (Cash), Jacqui Purvis (Felicity), Matt Evans (Theo), Ethan Browne (Tane), Emily Weir (Mackenzie), Luke Van Os (Xander), Kirsty Marillier (Rose), and ex-cast members Tim Frankin (Colby) and Harley Bonner (Rose) have all been interviewed in recent months (Logan).

Access to the group is only £2.79 per month, and it allows you to ask the Home and Away cast questions and get to know them in a more intimate context.

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