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Take a look at the child star of home and away Shaun Wood…

He has a break on television with TV sister Kate Richie on Home and Away, playing Christopher Fletcher.

Now that Shaun Wood is 32, his position in another Channel 7 programme looks very different.

At the forthcoming sporting competition Ultimate Tag, the former child star will play Hollywood.

Throwback Thursday: Shaun Wood, a 32-year-old star, appears very differently from the other Channel 7. His job seems quite different now. Seen by Fishing Island co-star

Wood is one of Australia’s top skilled Parkour performers, who featured on TV soap between the ages of 3 and 10 years, says The Daily Telegraph.

Parkour requires going from one stage to another without assistance and is typically reached by running, climbing and jumping in a dynamic environment.

But he always recalls his time with love on his famous soap, adding that he still knew the show that gave him a ‘unique’ start.

Everyone grown up: Hollywood will be a former children’s star in the forthcoming sporting competition
TV siblings: Wood, who appeared on the TV soap between the ages of three and ten, is, according to the Daily Telegraph, one of Australia’s leading Parkour performers. Seen here by Kate Richie, co-star

It also shone an imaginative fuse within him, which prompted him to join the last day as a cast member.

‘I agree that Home and Away have created a lifelong drive to be innovative in cinema and movement,’ said the native of Newcastle.

Ultimate Tag promises to be one of the hardest realities shows in television as it debuts in the next month, the next sports competition of Channel Seven.

Athletes who compete in the show could practise up to 7 hours a day in training themselves according to The Daily Telegraph.

Hard work: Athletes joining Channel Seven’s Ultimate Tag could practise and train up to 7 hours a day according to Daily Telegraph

The newspaper announced on Saturday ‘The ultimate tag is deadly dangerous for its stars who practise for up to 7 hours a day and are at great risk.

Michael Khedoori, one of the show’s athletes, reflects on his movement by climbing across Sydney.

‘I do no muscle training in the gym, so it’s just developing speed and stamina,’ said Michael.

The 19-year-old specifically told the journal that there is a whole culture of parkour sportsmen.

A scout? Michael Khedoori, one of the show’s athletes, reflects on his versatility through the ascent of sydney-round towers. 

‘It can be painful. We do not necessarily expect people to run and save their buildings, we do understand. We’re now familiar with it.”

The new Channel Seven Youtube page called for applications in July offered a teaser for the new season.

The voiceover starts with a boy watching laughing and chasing each other across the lawn ‘that’s the game you played as a child, just not like this’

The trailer then cuts in a sports centre, with adults attempting an obstacle course as the crowd encourages them.

The display is described as ‘the fastest and most intense game in the world’ and the first date of the next year.

‘Who’s going to be the winner of the last day in Australia? ‘Complete the voiceover.

On the run: the trailer cuts into a sporting centre, as adults pursue a ropes course while a public encourages them.

‘The current iteration of the favourite schoolyard game is this new prime times TV programme.’ The app reads.

‘Speed, fitness and endurance are being recompensed. We’re looking for men and women who want to confront the country’s most fit, quickest and bold athletes.

Coming soon: the show is described as ‘The shortest, most exciting game on Earth’ on March 2021.

‘Sports fans, fitness freaks and exercise super heroes… everybody is welcome to try! ‘

Candidates must be 16 years of age or older and ‘the best male and female players get a big cash reward.’

The show first screened in the USA earlier this year with the Australian audience now being adapted to it by Seven. It is hosted by Matt Shirvington and Abbey Gelmi.

Would you want more? The last day starts on Channel 7 in March and will host Matt Shirvington and the Abbey Gelmi.

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