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Home and Away airs big twist in John Palmer and Susie McAllister tale The truth is uncovered.


Spoilers at home and Away are accompanied by episodes from Australia that can be missed by UK tourists.

The newcomer Susie McAllister conned John Palmer, Home and Away reported.

In Tuesday’s episode on Channel 7 in Australia (February 23), the bomb-shell discovery showed that Susie is no good at all.

When Susie (Bridie Carter) entered Summer Bay at the beginning of this month, she soon made John a beeline, focusing on finding him.


Since then, the property attorney has caused difficulties by encouraging John in his election bid, by opposing Alf Stewart by being chairman of Surf club.

Susie visited John’s House and gave him advice about how to win over prospective voters in the new episode of the show.

Susie discreetly used this chance to collect details about John’s history, to ask him if he had any biological children about the pictures of Raffy and Jett around the property.

John gave Susie all the details she wanted, despite the fact that she worried about ways of using her for her own gain.


When John appeared for a while and left Susie alone at home, she began snooping and taking pictures through her private financial files.

John really has no clue that Susie is on a trip – and the story appears to be just starting.

The player of John Shane Withington tweeted following an episode aired: ‘This is the start of a wonderful race for John and Susie, thank you for all the tuning.

Home and viewers of the Away in the UK on Channel 5 in March can watch these scenes.


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