Thursday, June 30, 2022

Home and Away  to Air Mental Health Stories for Martha Stewart following Kieran’s departure

Home and Away spoilers follow from the Australian pace episodes that some UK readers might choose to avoid.

Things are going to get really difficult for Home and Away Martha Stewart, as the soap is set to air a new mental health tale for the character.

Viewers may already know that Martha (Belinda Giblin) has suffered from her mental health in the past, but the soap is now set to discuss her mental health problems on-screen following a recent story about her secret baby, Kieran.

Kieran (Rick Donald) and his mom recently reconnected, but their reconciliation was short-lived after a runner from Summer Bay learned that Roo and Alf were drinking again.

The altercation saw that Kieran was about to assault Alf (Ray Meagher) and that the police got involved – but by the time they arrived, Kieran had fled.

On Australian screens this week, Martha begins to blame Alf and Roo (Georgie Parker) for Kieran’s disappearance, and then appeals to Irene (Lynne McGranger) for support, telling her that Roo and Alf are keeping her hostage and giving the first hint that Martha isn’t right.

Later, Martha sees Kieran again, and her son apologizes for hurting her, but when Alf and Roo see Martha at that moment, she seems to have a discussion with herself.

It soon becomes clear to viewers that Martha is having visions, and while Roo and Alf realize that something is really wrong with Martha, they’re not sure what it is.

“Martha is spiralling, which is creating serious concerns about her mental health,” Roo actress Georgie Parker told TV WEEK.

“Roo has been told of her mother’s mental health challenges, but when she sees Martha talking animatedly to herself, she realises it’s extremely serious and knows her mother needs professional help.”

This is the first time that Martha’s mental health problems have ever been discussed on television, but will she get the support she needs before it’s too late?

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