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5 Huge Home and Away Questions That arises after this Week’s Episodes

1. Are Ari, Tane and Nikau still in danger?

It was another dramatic week for the Parata family to learn that Paul and Leon had not been put off by Heath Braxton’s recent interference, after all.

Fans thought they’d seen the last of Paul and Leon when Heath and his River Boy friends got together to teach them a lesson, wanting the notorious criminals to leave the Parata family alone. There’s no such luck.

Paul and Leon returned for vengeance this week, capturing Nikau and his friends. Ari and Tane were lured out to the middle of nowhere for another confrontation, threatening the teens’ safety unless they turned up.

Ari and Tane were able to get the upper hand in the brawl that followed – but the recent Home and Away trailer has now announced yet another life-or-death drama coming up for one of the Paratas.

Next week, the car seems to be purposely running down Ari and leaving him dead. May Paul and Leon be responsible again, please?

2. Have Leah and Justin fallen into a trap?

After putting in an offer for a new home, Leah and Justin faced an anxious time. The happy couple were excited to hear back from real estate consultant Susie about whether or not their planned amount of money would be approved.

After Susie kept the couple waiting, she later gave the good news that their bid had been accepted and that they were finally home owners. But as viewers know Susie can’t really be trusted in financial matters, will Leah and Justin live to regret seeking her help?

3. Could Dean and Amber become a couple?

Amber and Jai moved back to Summer Bay, giving Dean a chance to be part of his young son’s life again. Dean agreed to let Amber and Jai move to the pier apartment, particularly as there was a spare bedroom after Colby’s imprisonment.

The new arrangement quickly turned sour when Dean was unable to fulfil his expected promise to Jai on his first day of school. Amber discovered why when she saw Dean spending time with his ex-Ziggy, who was talking to him about Mac’s secret pregnancy.

Amber responded badly to Dean’s association with his ex, thinking that his goals were wrong and letting Jai down. She denied any other involvement in Dean’s personal life.

4. Will Martha get the help she needs?

Martha has spent the last few weeks in a disturbing mental health crisis, having visions of her absent son Kieran. Her issues had largely gone undetected, but she eventually provoked concern this week when Irene saw her apparently talking to thin air.

Irene was extremely worried when Martha ‘introduced’ her to Kieran, who wasn’t really there.

Irene had no choice but to tell Alf and Roo that Martha was critically ill and they persuaded her to go to the hospital. But is Martha going to get the support she needs?

5. When will Ryder and Chloe become a couple?

Ryder and Chloe continued to profess their hatred for each other while their shared bond to Nikau held them in close proximity. However, everything changed when the teenagers were abducted and Ryder was kind enough to help Chloe as they were locked together in a shipping container.

Ryder’s interest in Chloe has already begun to ignite gossip among his family – and it is no secret among spoiler readers that they would eventually become romantically related. But how long would it take for Ryder and Chloe to understand each other’s feelings?


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