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Home and Away star Shane Withington answers to some of the rumours over John and Irene’s future

Is cards romantic?

For British visitors, Home and Away Spoilers follow.

Home and Away star Shane Withington told Digital Spy that his character John Palmer might engage romantically with Irene Roberts.

Susie McAllister (Bridie Carter) has been dating Summer Bay for the last couple of weeks, but UK fans will be able to hear that she’ll be taking him all over next week.

However, John has recently shared a number of fun scenes with Irene, prompting some fans to speculate that the two might become romantically involved in the future.

“I believe their relationship is tumultuous and acrimonious, but they also have a great deal of regard for one another.” It was also good to see John lean on Irene when he needed help, and it was great to see that in her as well. I don’t believe they’ll ever be romantically related, though.”

Shane also mentioned whether he hopes to see John and Marilyn reunite, or whether he wants to concentrate on other characters now that they’re apart.

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