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Home and Away Spoilers – Christian and Lewis’s clash is appearing to be risking a life

As Tori and Christian’s engagement party gets underway next week on Home and Away in the UK, Lewis is keeping a close watch on Christian….

Doctors Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) and Christian Green (Ditch Davey) only recently showed their involvement with locals from the Summer Bay (James Stewart). The pair only lived for a few months, and Christian himself was shocked when he spontaneously offered Tori on the sand.

Justin’s initial response was muted, as he questioned whether Christian had thoroughly considered the situation. His response also threw his relationship with Leah (Ada Nicodemou) in jeopardy, when she started to question whether Justin’s conventional view of marriage would become an issue for them, given that Leah is now adamantly opposed to remarrying.

Thankfully, after reaffirming their loyalty to each other, the two set their disagreements aside, and Justin agreed to make up for his original lack of support for Tori and Christian’s news by holding a surprise engagement party.

Holding the secret from Tori proved to be more complicated than he had expected. Tori and Christian began to fear that Justin’s cavernoma had returned and he was shielding it from them when both Justin and Leah were behaving suspiciously around them.

Christian asked Justin over all his private conversations with Leah now that he is no longer Justin’s psychiatrist, after Justin shot him to avoid jeopardising their budding bromance. Justin was eventually persuaded to accept the truth about the gang, and enlisted Christian’s help in bringing Tori to Salt.

Tori reluctantly decided to go out for lunch with Christian because she was upset that he wouldn’t tell her what was actually going on with Justin, despite Christian’s promises that Justin was perfect. Tori was delighted to see Justin and Leah waiting for them on Salt’s balcony, beckoning them to come up, as she wondered where the waterfall of bubbles had come from.

Tori’s reaction shocked Christian when he announced that it was their engagement party…. She screamed, “How do you do this to me?”

Tori has turned around and is storming away from the surf club with Dignity when we return to the action this week; she despises surprises! Tori can’t believe Christian was involved, especially because she believed her brother was dying—”I’m going to throttle Justin!” she exclaims.

As the guests wait for Tori and Christian to arrive, Justin is perplexed as to why they are taking so long.

Christian answers the phone and tells him Tori is flipping out and asks him to leave it with him. Christian then persuades Tori to change her mind, and the two of them go up to Salt, where Tori puts on her bravest face.

Tori rushes over to Justin and kicks him in the arm as the party heats up. He apologises, and Tori says she couldn’t have asked for a nicer big brother.

Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Lewis (Luke Arnold) are also present, but Lewis is keeping a close eye on Christian while he is on call. Lewis has told Jasmine that he keeps Christian accountable for his wife Anna’s death two years ago, and he is adamant that history will not repeat itself.

About the fact that Christian only drinks water for the duration of the party, he later gives a speech and makes a toast with a single taste of champagne, all as Lewis looks on. They take to the dancefloor as Justin plays the guitar and performs a song for them.

Christian, unfortunately, is called in for work and needs to leave early. Lewis has begun his change as well, and the two talk to a patient that has just been admitted with a subdural hematoma. It’s response stations where the patient makes a sharp turn for the worse, and Christian tells the patient to be prepared for theatre as soon as possible.

However, as Christian runs into the theatre, Lewis stops him and says, “You’ve been drinking.” Christian is enraged at what he hears from the nurse and informs Lewis that he just took one drink.

Lewis, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind; he’s not going to let him operate!

Tori is compelled to come into the hospital herself to break things up when things between the two begin to blow up, and the patient is also undergoing urgent surgery.

Who will she help, and has Lewis put his new position as Nursing Unit Manager in jeopardy before he even starts?

Meanwhile, in Summer Bay, John Palmer (Shane Withington) seems to be on the verge of a breakdown, when we see a different side of his new ladyfriend Susie McAllister (Bridie Carter).

Susie’s endless praises and adoration have kept John’s ego inflated in recent weeks, as he has been swept off his feet by the sexy real estate agent.

Susie enjoys an afternoon at the Palmer house with John after effectively persuading him to run for surf club president against Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher). Susie inquires about John’s family connections after seeing pictures of Jett and Raffy on the bookcase, casually remarking that Jett must be doing well for himself to be staying in the neighbourhood.

After thanking Susie for her assistance, John goes out to get a bottle of bubbly. Susie runs over to John’s desk and rifles through his files, taking pictures of financial records, as soon as he’s out the door…

What is Susie up to these days?!

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