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Home and Away Willow Harris finds a surprising friend in the Witness X drama Will she win back to her friends?

Spoilers from Home and Away follow from Australian episodes that could be missed by some UK readers.

Willow Harris’ scenes on australian screens have been broadcast on Home and Away.

Since testifying against Colby Thorne at the assassination procedure that was raging Bella Nixon and Dean Thompson, Willow (Sarah Roberts) was missing from Summer Bay.

Willow was drawn back to Bay after the news, that Colby had been convicted of a second killing after a jail brawl, in Australia’s last triple bill of events on Channel 7 (February 25).

Willow decided to find out how Bella and Dean did, but she wasn’t happy to see her unannounced appearance.

Bella was particularly furious at the return of Willow, but she and Dean all decided reluctantly to listen to their claims under the betrayal of the Witness X.

When Willow first disclosed the entire plot, she explained her solution to Angelo Rosetta to deal with him in the secret of Colby. She did this after the inability of Angelo to reach a comparable arrangement with Dean.

While her long-standing friend Willow felt guilty of betraying her, she also saw that Colby was out of balance and threatened to make others collapse with him.

Therefore, Willow agreed that Colby should be sacrificed to insure the remainder of their party remained trouble-free.

Bella rejected any of this justification, already loaded with rancour at Colby’s catastrophic turn after the hearing.

Dean feels different – in Willow’s words he saw the meaning and finally wanted to forgive her.

Will Willow reconstruct her life in Summer Bay with Dean’s help, and ever make peace with Bella?

In Channel 5 in March, Home and Away fans in UK can watch these scenes.

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