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Home and Away  Dieter Brummer-Come out now. Melissa George fights the window cleaner

Dieter Brummer asked bosses to terminate his character after contending with on-screen love Home and Away George Melissa

In the early 1990s, young fans around TheterBrummer swooned extensively over Home and Away.

The Australian actor played floppy-haired Bad-Boy, Shane Parrish who, after he had cut his cord on their first wedding day, married the free-spirited, floppy-haired Angel until he died from septicaemia.

It was later obvious that in 1996 in a real-time bitter rivalry with actess Melissa George, who played on-screen his wife, Dieter, 44 now, practically begged bosses to kill him.

Dieter Brummer and Melissa George were playing love birds in Home and Away with Shane and Angel Parrish (Image: Scope)

“Mel was from the very beginning extremely optimistic. I assume it’s Kylie Minogue who she wanted to be next.

Subsequently Melissa told Endlos Summer, Home and Away, that their working relationship actually had conflicts.

And Ray Meagher, their co-star who played Alf Stewart, repeated the sentiments and said, “I’m not confident they got on 100%, 100%, personally.”

Years later, Melisa’s rivalry reigned after Australia called The Morning Show a ‘Home and Away actress.’ Years later, she took seriously the issue.

The soap rendered Hollywood icons like Heath Ledger and Margot Robbie, but Melissa also struck furiously: “My next call will be to Home and Away to get them to pay me because they don’t show more f** than me.”

Dieter and Melissa’s chemistry sizzled on the television, but were far from friends in real life (Image: Seven Network)

And Melissa, who lives in France now, slapped off the soap and her home country later and insisted that she had better things to do than to worries over what people said home.

Dieter Brummer was one of the most famous nineties because of his boyish charm and good looks (Image: Sky T.V)

Dieter struck back quickly and labelled ‘unnecessary and a little bit absurd’ her remarks, adding: ‘Then that’s Mel.’

However, in 2018 Melissa changed her look, admitting she was definitely open for a return to Summer Bay and admitting that “no point” is still struggling to shake her roots.

In the meantime, Dieter wanted to avoid the spotlight and start up his own business instead as a high-height window cleaner, after turning his back to Summer Bay.

He explained to TV Tonight that he had joined the show at 15, and he was eager to spend time with his fellow classmates.

Dieter took the opportunity to leave Home and Out from the spotlight (Picture: Getty pictures)

“People say I’m a cleaner window. It’s far more involved in fact than that. It’s a comparatively professional profession operating in heights.”

He had his professional comeback in 2009, when he was cast into the Australian true-crime series, Underbelly as a crooked cop, Trevor Haken, and then a short soapback as the wicked Troy Miller in Neighborhood in 2011.

In Neighbours in 2011, Dieter Brummer played bad lad Troy (Image: Channel 5)

In 2014, the actor also took part in the Celebrity Circus show and starred in Winners and Losers before the radar alta therapist dropped off.

Since 2014, his Twitter profile has not been changed, and whether he has a girlfriend or children is unclear.

The star revealed in 2014 that he feared Home and Away would be more a challenge than a help to his caree, according to sources, as a window cleaner.

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