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Must Read Spoilers of Home and Away for Next Week

Bella and Dean experience a hideous shock as the history of Ari is being investigated.

For UK fans, Home & Away spoilers follow.

Bella and Dean come to Home and Away and discover a disappointment when they are barred from seeing Colby in jail.

In the meantime, with the arrival of his stepfather Chloe and former novice Mia, the memory returns to haunt Ari.

What’s next going to happen? This is the list of all the moments that must be seen…

1. Justin is not glad about the dedication of Tori and Christian



Tori and Christian don’t really have the happy reaction that they were looking for when they learn about their marriage.

The two are running to marriage, according to Tori’s brother Justin. But if Justin has Christian man-to-man and asks him to slow down, Christian ultimately reminds him of his business.

2. Why is Christian spied by Lewis?


Now her union friend Lewis is moved from jail to Northern Districts Hospital. Jasmine can’t be happier. But it quickly becomes apparent to Lewis that he needs to work in a hospital because of another reason.

Lewis snoops with Jasmine through the private medical records of doctor Christian. The nurse was surprised when Lewis revealed that he accused him of the death of his partner, Anna….

3. On another date, John and Susie go


All right, so when the surf club manager asked his mate Irene to their supper date, he hadn’t exactly go to schedule with the trendy estate agent Susie. Awkward! Awkward!

Fortunately, there is a bond between both John and Susie and they accept to meet on another date. Hopefully John would do little to smash Susie’s second chance.

4. Wanna marry Justin Leah?



The situation between Justin and Leah becomes humiliating, after the pair share a huge marital argument.

Three times before Leah was married and Vinnie’s husbands and Dan all died after shocks, but Leah is no hurry back in the process. But does Justin demand more from Leah’s commitment?

5. Bella and Dean are facing a jail shock


For her big brother Colby Bella is worst afraid after she has learned that he was released from jail with the rest of the prisoners. After the other insiders had beaten Colby was recently rushed to the hospital.

Bella is scared that Colby’s life is again at stake, so she raced to the prison and Colby’s best friend, Dean. But when they are driven away at the entrance of the jail, they get surprised. Why couldn’t Colby visit them?

6. Lewis continues to suspect Christian


After Lewis asks the nurse to help him keep an eye on doctor Christian, Jasmine isn’t exactly what to do. She realises that Lewis has a defiant stance towards Christian, so he is curious if Christian is a dodgy Physician.

However, Lewis is sure that Dr Christian Green’s curse is struck again when one of Christian’s patients unlikely dies after the surgery.

7. Ryder’s enigmatic girl flirts

Following his latest internship on a cruise ship, Ryder is back behind the Salt counter. It seems that since he was gone, the barman has discovered a few new drinks.

Chloe, a mysterious new town teen, is turning to the bar and begins to flirt with him with Ryder’s cocktail skills.

8. Bella shares Colby’s destiny reality


When Bella opens a letter from Colby in jail, the world is turning upside down. The retired police officer wants Bella to forgive him and carry on living. He doesn’t want to see her again in jail.

After a shock event in the prison, Colby was held in isolation and was tried to get a top dog’s status, stabbing another prisoner. It turned out that

9. Ziggy’s got a sexy Tane fantasy




After their latest hookup, Ziggy has struggled to avoid the charms of Tane. After the drama she went through with ex-boyfriend Dean, Ziggy may not want to be entangled with another bad boy.

Yet Ziggy can’t get Tane out of her mind yet and has a sexy fantasy that’s just rattling her.

10 . His stepswear Chloe is reunited with Ari.



After meeting his mother in New Zealand, Nikau returns to Summer Bay. He comes back to town to take Ari’s stepdaughter Chloe for a visit with the surprise of his uncle, Ari.

Ari and Chloe are excited about being taken together. Yet Chloe is in shock to learn the truth about the history of Ari in jail.

11 . Roo compares Kieran with his drinking secret



The Stewart family is alarmed that Kieran came to Salt and requested alcohol from Ryder. After a dark history of alcohol and abuse, Kieran led us to think that he had cleared his acts.

But when Roo threatens Kieran with his half-brother, his conduct becomes violent.

12. Mum Mia of Chloe’s coming


The revelation of Mackenzie, that her boyfriend Ari has Chloe, her long lost stepfriend. How is it that he’s never told her before?

Mac also desperately questions if she likes Ari’s friendship with Chloe’s aunt, Mia.

When Mia arrives at Chloe house in Parata, Mac doesn’t have to wait long to find all the juicy details.

13. Tane and Ziggy are again crocheting


From her heart and not with her brain, Ziggy decides to dream.

She takes the confidence to invite Tane after her sexy fantasy. Ziggy and Tane make it true this time.

14. Martha and Roo are captured by Kieran




Roo and Martha are determined to detect when Kieran fell off the car.

When the ladies turn a detective and plan to check for booze in Kieran’s caravan, he takes them into the detective. Can Roo and Martha feel the dark side of Kieran?


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