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Home and Away to air daramatic exit of susie mcallister in 34 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images revealing what’s coming up on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, April 26.

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Tuesday, April 27: Justin and Leah arrive in search of information.

The couple had previously been informed that the property had not been sold to them when they contacted the estate agent for the keys to their home.


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Tuesday, April 27: Susie is confronted by Justin and Leah.

They’re naturally curious about what’s going on after handing over a $90,000 deposit to Susie.

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Susie gives reassurances on Tuesday, April 27.

She claims it’s just a huge misunderstanding.

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Tuesday, April 27: John is undecided about what he should believe.


It’s the first big indicator that something is wrong with Susie.

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Tuesday, April 27: Susie says it’s just a mistake.

She agrees to take care of it as soon as possible.

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Tuesday, April 27: Justin and Leah are hopeful that Susie will be able to help them.


They have no idea that she is trying to escape with their entire life savings.

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Monday, April 27th: Mia is also undecided about her plans for the future.

Ari is awake, but she isn’t sure whether she can accompany him.

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Tane defends his brother on Tuesday, April 27.

Mia is also worried about Ari’s recent run-ins with the law, but Tane maintains it wasn’t his fault.

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Tuesday, April 27: Mia is paying attention to Tane.

Tane advises Mia to do what everyone else believes is self-evident: tell Ari she loves him.

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Willow and Bella go for a walk on Tuesday, April 27.

After the Witness X drama, Bella is finally able to hear Willow out.

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Willow attempts to save her relationship with Bella on Tuesday, April 27.

When Bella later asks if they should hang out, Willow is overjoyed, finally able to forgive her.

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Susie is under duress on Wednesday, April 28th.

It’s time to get out of Summer Bay now that Leah and Justin are suspicious.

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Wednesday, April 28: Susie is getting ready to flee.

The importance of time cannot be overstated.

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Thursday, April 28th: John dials Susie’s phone number.

She isn’t interested in hearing from him at all.

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Susie spins more lies on Wednesday, April 28.

She pretends to have solved Justin and Leah’s dilemma and that she will see them soon.

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Irene arrives on Wednesday, April 28.

Susie’s attempt to flee is derailed once again.

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Susie attempts to mask her anxiety on Wednesday, April 28.

She has to get rid of Irene as soon as she can.

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Wednesday, April 28: Irene and Susie trade jibes.

Susie has been a source of distrust for her for weeks.

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Irene confronts Susie for defrauding everyone on Wednesday, April 28.

Susie doesn’t have time for this, so she throws a chloroformed rag at Irene to knock her out.

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Susie leaves on Wednesday, April 28th.

She flees with a bag full of cash after knocking out Irene.

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Thursday, April 28th: Jai is looking forwards to working on a poster with Dean.

When Dean competes in a surf competition in Summer Bay, he needs to wave it.

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Wednesday, April 28: Jai is hoping Dean will take first place.

A family pass to Movie World will be given to the lucky winner.

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Wednesday, April 28: Dean is under a lot of stress.

He doesn’t want to disappoint his son.

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Christian is having a bad day on Friday, April 30.

The hospital is inquiring after another of his patients died.

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Christian and Lewis cross paths on Friday, April 30.

He’s ecstatic that his arch-enemy is in danger.

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Christian loses his cool on Friday, April 30.

Tori attempts to maintain Christian’s composure.

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Friday, April 30: Christian is adamant about getting even with Lewis.

Tori looks on in disbelief.

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Christian punches Lewis on Friday, April 30.

Things start to spiral out of control.

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Lewis has been hospitalised as of Friday, April 30.

Tori and Jasmine double-check that he’s all right.

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Saturday, April 30th: Lewis is ecstatic in secret.

He hopes that by doing so, people can see that Christian is unstable.

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Tori is enraged with Christian on Friday, April 30.

Will their partnership be put to the test?

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Mackenzie goes for a walk on Friday, April 30.

She’s also debating whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.

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Friday, April 30: Mackenzie has a conversation with Ziggy.

Mackenzie’s pregnancy is only known by a few individuals, including Ziggy.

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Friday, April 30: Ziggy does all she can to support Mackenzie.

She’s worried about her housemate and friend.

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