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Home and Away spoilers: Drunk and aggressive Kieran returns to kidnap Martha


Martha (Belinda Giblin) has been dealing with her mental health after her son Kieran (Rick Donald) vanished, experiencing frequent hallucinations of him and troubling Irene (Lynne McGranger) when she is caught talking to herself.

Martha is persuaded by Roo (Georgie Parker) and Alf (Ray Meagher) that she wants to spend time in the hospital, but she doesn’t stay long.

When she is found and returned, Alf realises how much his wife is suffering and vows that he will take her home.

Later, he returns Martha to the caravan and informs her that it is time to clear out Kieran’s belongings. Martha claims she wants to do something on her own, but when she walks in, Kieran is already inside.


Martha yells at him to leave her alone, convinced she is hallucinating again.

When Roo and Alf return her to the caravan, they show her that he has vanished. Kieran, on the other hand, is seen hiding as he observes the trio, then returning to the caravan after they’ve left to consume as much alcohol as he can.

Alf and Roo go to check on Martha after she doesn’t return from the park for a while. They call out to her, but she isn’t responding.

We see Kieran holding his hand over Martha’s mouth to stop her as the two speak outside the spare van.


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