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Home and Away: Logie-worthy performance from Budget McDreamy as he cries out for help

Murderous retaliation. Jeremy Greive

On Home and Away, murder has been a common occurrence, and tonight is no different as Lewis, the serial murderer, plans to inject Budget McDreamy with a life-ending substance.

Lewis had made it his mission to avenge Budget McDreamy, whose wife and unborn child died while in his custody several years before, and for weeks he had been deliberately murdering Budget McDreamy’s neuro patients.

I’m not sure how that went unnoticed by inquiries and autopsies, but you have to pick your fights with this film.

And I imagine Lewis dragging Budget McDreamy’s unconscious lump of a body onto the gurney in a particular way.


Christian, on the other hand, is restrained as he gets up.

Lewis says, menacingly, “Your life is now in my possession.”

“How do you feel about that?”

Then Lewis sets up a hostage camera, ostensibly to relive the moment he exacts his vengeance on Budget McDreamy, but he’s just setting himself up to be apprehended.


Budget McDreamy does some seriously impressive facial expression work as he has a drip implanted and cries for support, which goes unnoticed.

This is a Logie-winning result. Jeremy Greive/Jeremy Greive

Budget McDreamy is wriggling, but the bonds refuse to budge as he demands to be released.

Budget McDreamy has an epiphany and uses Jasmine as bait as Lewis prepares to administer the poisonous drug.

Budget McDreamy asks, “What about Jasmine, hasn’t she been through enough?”


“If you do this, you will kill her.”

Lewis is not deterred by Jasmine, though.

If the day progresses, Jasmine and Tori are unable to contact their significant others, and warning bells begin to ring.

It’s a good thing they have some clout at the hospital so they were able to narrow down the search area to the hospital.

However, we’ll have to wait much longer to see if they make it to the couple in time, as the episode ends with Budget McDreamy’s heart monitor running out of sight.

In other news, the producers decide to have a dialogue about consent, but they blow it.


Bella receives an email informing her that she has entered a photographic competition and that the award ceremony will take place that evening.

I’m pumped. Channel 7/Channel 7

But the joy is short-lived because Nikau isn’t fond of the photo in question because Bella didn’t ask for his permission to use it.

It’s a photo of him sleeping with striking lighting that wouldn’t look out of place in Lewis’s murder suite. But it doesn’t matter what I think because the comp was removed.

“You’re not paying attention to what I’m doing. Nik says, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

The permission conversation wasn’t exactly correct. Channel 7/Channel 7

Instead of starting a conversation, as my mother suggests, Nik receives a pep talk from Dean, who essentially urges him to toughen up because Bella has lost something and wants something positive.

Nik decides he’s proud of Bella after Dean calls him “mate” in a condescending tone, so they put it behind them and go off to the awards.

Meanwhile, Leah has taken matters into her own hands. Who should blame her; the local cops are ineffective.

Her obsession with Susie, on the other hand, is getting out of hand. Justin is irritated that she is stuffing orders for toasted sandwiches (which is shocking).

Insinuating that Leah is insane for putting tomato on a toastie. Channel 7/Channel 7

But then he’ll be grunting over something else. Despite his bouts of excruciating agony and a near-drowning a few days earlier, he believes he is well enough to compete in the prestigious surf competition.

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