Thursday, June 30, 2022

Perth’s Sam Barrett is living her dreams as she makes her debut at Home and Away

Having the only original cast member of Home and Away take you under their wing during your first days on set was a dream come true for aspiring actor Sam Barrett.

The Perth-raised talent landed her first big part on the soap, where so many Australian actors, including Ray Meagher, who had played Alf Stewart since the first episode in 1988, cemented her fame.

With Ray, one of the first scenes I really got to film was.

For the 21-year-old who grew up watching the long-running soap, being cast in the show is the culmination of years of hard work and multiple auditions.

Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Melissa George, Ryan Kwanten, and Simon Baker, just to name a couple, got their big break on the same idyllic shores of Palm Beach where the show is filmed.

He saw Barrett easily relocate to Sydney in just a few weeks, from audition to recording.

Every day, I learn a lot from both of you and the crew. That’s my favourite aspect of the show’s function. Everyone is still ready to support you as a young artist.

Barrett debuts tomorrow night as Chloe Anderson, who returns with her girlfriend, Mia Anderson, who plays Anna Samson in Summer Bay.

And unlike some of the locals, the quick-witted and charismatic young adult already has a history, just like many newcomers.

Chloe’s long-buried questions about her childhood friend and his uncle, Ari Parata, after running into Nikau Parata, who is moving home from New Zealand, have been answered.

Barrett graduated from WAAPA in 2018 and, the same year, she had the semi-regular role of Daisy in the ABCTV series The Heights.

Her other screen credits include The Trouble with Stacy, a short film starring Hannah Fredericksen, opposite Ben Mortley, and Payne’s Discovery, an award-winning short.

She took acting classes with Myles Pollard at the age of 16, who became a household name after playing Nick Ryan in McLeod’s Daughters.

He also had a guest spot in Home and Away, but Barrett could not have been in better hands.

The first acting classes I took were with an actress and acting coach, Myles Pollard. He’s been amazing, and he’s been really optimistic. He was a beautiful part of my journey.

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