Sunday, July 3, 2022

Exclusive – The Home and Away trailer teases Heath Braxton’s coming back to Summer Bay

In the coming episodes of the Australian drama, bad boy Heath returns to Summer Bay. can only show a first-look promo for the forthcoming episodes of Home and Away, taunting the long-awaited return of Heath Braxton to Summer Bay.

We see Heath, played once again by Dan Ewing, show up in the minute-long clip to save Tane and Ari Parata from executing a dangerous robbery after being blackmailed by Paul and Leon.

“You muppets are on the turf of River Boy,” he says in the film, referring to his Mangrove River gang.

In 2016, when Heath returned to Summer Bay with his partner, Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley), Ewing last appeared on the show, but he left again in February 2017.

In the teaser trailer, after being assaulted by some of the other prisoners in his house, we also see Colby lying unconscious in the hospital, while Bella remains at her brother’s side and Dean urges Colby to do “whatever it takes to survive.”

Meanwhile, together with Tori’s daughter Grace, Christian and Tori begin to think about their future, although on the other side of town, Alf and Martha are seen arguing over the arrival of her son Kieran, who is secretly fighting an alcohol problem and has “made a lot of bad choices.”

As for Ziggy, she seems to have started sparking a relationship with Tane Parata, as the two of them share a short kiss in the clip.

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