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Former Home and Away Star Ryan Kwanten is a completely different person in his new Film

He won a legion of fans in Real Blood, playing the hunky Deputy Sheriff Jason Stackhouse.

And on Tuesday, in the famous HBO vampire show, Ryan Kwanten went away from his time in the world.

A 44-year old actor who appeared on Sunrise Channel Seven via video to promote his latest post-apocalyptic movie’ 2067′ was in great spirit.

The Hollywood heartthrob of Home and Away appeared to have a slender body and a shorter haircut than in previous years, the reality star-turned-.

Ryan shot his new climate change thriller two years ago in Australia and said he was really proud of the script.

“He said, describing his part, “Cody is such an unexpected hero, but he’s really magnanimous, really amazing in this series.

Lived in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic in LosAngeles, Ryan said he sure noted the lack of American production.

‘Australia has bounced back into growth even quicker than not just countries, but almost everywhere, it seems… I’m trying to stay healthy and focus on what really matters, I think,’ he added, trying to stay out of the actual mess.

Ryan had his major international breakout role in HBO’s Real Blood over its entire seven seasons from 2008 to 2014.

He’s most familiar to Australian and UK viewers, however, from the long-running soap Home and Away, where he appeared as Vinnie Patterson from 1997 to 2002.

His character married Leah Patterson (actress Ada Nicodemou).

Though it was believed that Vinnie was killed in a prison burn, it was later revealed that he had survived the fire and remained under the safety of witnesses.

He laughed during his chat with Sunrise that the show’s writers still pitched insane directions in which he could return to Summer Bay.

Though Ryan’s star continues to rise, the Australian-born actor does not often flaunt his celebrity status.

In 2020, Ryan told the Daily Mail Australia that he likes to lead a quiet life when cameras stop rolling.

‘In my life, I strive to place all the drama on the screen and make my life outside of it as drama-free as I can,’ he said, adding: ‘I think the more people know about me, the less inclined they are to believe the character I play.’

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