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5 huge Home and Away questions after this Week’s Episodes

The election fight is brewing, and Kieran is doing the Bay Racer.

Home and Away spoilers come from episodes of Australian pace that some UK audiences would choose to skip.

Home and Away’s third week back on air in Australia saw newcomer Susie begin to make her mark, while, following an angry outburst, Kieran made a Summer Bay runner.

Christian, meanwhile, was horrified to learn that Lewis at the hospital doubted his professionalism.

After the most recent Australian episodes, here are five big questions we’ve been left with.

1. Is John exploited by Susie?

Home and Away newcomer Susie McAllister has been a breath of fresh air since she joined Summer Bay, but while she continues to charm John, some fans are beginning to believe that she has her own agenda.

Susie goaded John on how much of his hard work at the Surf Club was underappreciated by grumpy Alf in this week’s episodes. Susie had encouraged John to challenge Alf in the next election for president of the Surf Club before long, and took full care of his bid.

It was obvious to most that without Susie’s influence, John would not have even accepted the role, but does she have an ulterior motive for disturbing the status quo in the Bay?

2. Is Kieran going to come back?

It sure didn’t take long for Kieran’s real colours to be revealed. Kieran let his temper get the best of him after trying to fool everyone that he was a changed character, until Roo and Alf found out that he was drinking again.

The stress boiled over into a Surf Club showdown, where Kieran came close to assaulting Alf before Justin interfered.

The tough decision was taken by Alf and Roo to report Kieran to the police, who discovered that an existing warrant had already been released for his arrest. However, the officers were unable to bring Kieran in for interrogation, because he had already left the harbour.

He did a number of press interviews with Rick Donald, who plays Kieran, about his part in the film, but it seems impossible that this is the last one we’ll see of him. So when is Kieran coming back, and is Martha going to try to blame her family for scaring him off?

3. How is Christian going to justify himself?

Christian has spent the last two weeks dismissing the fact that Lewis, a novice, has a grudge against him over the past. As Christian was the surgeon who supervised her emergency services after a horrific car crash, Lewis blames his new colleague for the death of his partner, Anna.

Lewis let his feelings boil out in this week’s episodes as he insisted that Christian could not be allowed to work on a hospital patient while he was intoxicated. Christian insisted that at his engagement party, he had just taken a drink of wine, but it wasn’t enough to chat about Lewis.

The bust-up in the office will certainly now contribute to the facts about Lewis’s vendetta coming out. As Lewis accuses him of incompetence over Anna’s murder, how can Christian justify himself?

4. Is Ari losing his Mac interest?

Since his former wife Mia and stepdaughter Chloe came to Summer Bay, Ari has been really distracted. There were plenty to work out for them, like how Mia lied to Chloe over the years about the motives for their estrangement from Ari.

Ari begged his girlfriend Mackenzie to keep her distance for a few days while he was working things out with emotions running too strong. Mackenzie reluctantly pushed herself, but was left at a loose end when the Paratas cut her out. Right now, Ari obviously isn’t putting Mackenzie first, but is this a sign of trouble as a couple with their future?

5. Has Dean forever lost Ziggy?

Dean doesn’t quickly let go of his friendship with Ziggy. After several unsuccessful efforts to win Ziggy back, Dean was given false hope for their future when she had a couple of uncomfortable talks with him.

What Dean was unaware of was that Ziggy was waiting for the right time to tell him she was with Tane now. She wanted to be honest and remind him there was someone else when Ziggy knew Dean was having the wrong idea.

Dean did not take the news well, but he took a responsible stand when he saw Ziggy and Tane together the next day and decided not to make a scene.

Digital Spy recently told Ethan Browne, who plays Tane, that fans should expect a long-term future for his character and Ziggy. Sounds like Dean’s bad news.

“In truth, their friendship is really strong. Tane says, ‘This is it, she could be the one.’ He’s trying to do his hardest to give it all and really settle down and do his best to make things work,” explained Ethan.

“It’s all been one-night stands and what not! Tane has never had a relationship like this before! He thinks this is it.”

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