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Home and Away spoilers: Martha’s Mental health is a concern


Since her estranged son Kieran (Rick Donald) remained briefly in the Bay before fleeing after an argument with Alf (Ray Meagher) that could have turned violent, Martha (Belinda Giblin) has been dealing with her mental health.

She was told Kieran kept showing up in secret to meet with her, when in fact she was conversing with nothing. So far, she’s managed to persuade everyone around her that she’s doing well and concentrating on her art.

She gets an idea while walking through the caravan park with Alf when Alf points out an empty van. She proposes that she use it as her own art studio so that she can think creatively.

Alf is more than willing to provide for his mum, and Martha says she’s going to Yabbie Creek to get some art supplies. When she returns, however, she arranges new men’s clothes and shoes on the bed in preparation for someone to come and stay.


She then calls Kieran and leaves him a voicemail saying she’s found him a place to hide where he won’t be found. She says she’ll be waiting in the van every day for his return at the end of the call…

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