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Home and away Samantha Jade reveals her beautiful plans to honour her late mother on her wedding day


“I certainly want to honour my mother.”

Samantha Jade’s wedding plans were put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the 33-year-old is now able to resume planning her big day with fiancé Pat Handlin.

And for the 33-year-old, paying tribute to her late mother Jacqueline Gibbs, who sadly passed away in 2014 after a brief struggle with cancer, is an essential part of her wedding day.

In an exclusive interview with Now To Love, the ARIA Award-winning singer reveals that she plans to integrate a piece of her mother’s wedding gown into her own wedding gown.


“I actually asked my dad the other day if he has her wedding dress, because I figured that would be something extraordinary,” the Perth native says.

Despite having to cancel her wedding twice due to the pandemic last year, the X Factor Australia winner says she and Pat are eager to get the party started again.

The other day. It felt like we’d get going and then something would derail us “The musician, who lives in Perth with his immediate family, explains.

Samantha Jade is making sure that her late mother (R) will be near to her heart on her wedding day as she prepares to marry Pat Handlin. (Images courtesy of Instagram)

Samantha is looking forwards to celebrating in style now that the state borders have been reopened, with a Sydney-based event and possibly another event in her hometown of Perth later this year.


However, I must obviously make everyone [fly in] from Perth “She informs us.

Although Sam and Pat, who got engaged in January, work out the details, the singer has one thing under control: her wedding gown!

Sam and Pat have been engaged since January of this year and are planning a wedding in Sydney. (Photo credit: Instagram)

The Bounce hitmaker reveals that her wedding gown could surprise some fans, as she went for a more understated look than her normal glitzy look.

Since I’m a comedian, I think people expect me to avoid going classic and instead go for something a little more costume-y, but it’s the exact opposite “She makes fun of him.


Samantha Jade only had one person in mind when it came to choosing her wedding gown: her mother.

That was the very first topic she wanted to discuss!”

“She’s the one who set up the meeting with the designer and has supported me,” she says of her celebrity stylist and good friend.

That’s why we have best friends! Jules Sebastian, a celebrity stylist and a personal associate of Sam’s, was instrumental in assisting her in choosing a wedding gown. (Photo credit: Instagram)

As her wedding day approaches, the former Home And Away star reveals she is looking forwards to marrying Pat, whose father is Sony Music Australia CEO Denis Handlin, and starting a family.

“I’m ecstatic to be referred to as someone’s wife; there’s something thrilling about it. I’m looking forwards to beginning a family “She ponders.

The singer can’t wait to start a family with Pat, as she can be seen doing with her niece. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Samantha Jade has been hitting the studio and working on new music in between wedding preparations.


I always miss seeing live performances.”

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