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The Bachelor’s Louise Pillidge is back and looks gorgeous on her return


We’ll never forget The Bachelor’s Blake Garvey proposing to Sam Frost in front of the entire nation before ditching her for second-place finisher Louise Pillidge. It’s burned into our minds in the most obnoxious way possible.

Louise now lives a very private life, rarely posting on social media five years after the infamous pair split up. Until now, that is.

Louise Pillidge, 31, a former Bachelor star and digital creator, posted a photo of her new look to her Instagram stories on Wednesday.

And believe us when we say she looks nothing like she did on The Bachelor… We’re serious about it.

The latest blonde is the brunette. Instagram is a forum for social media to allow

“With the best from yesterday. @lukedavishair, thank you. @bleachsunday, I really like the new room.” The photo was captioned by Louise.

Her new long curly brown tresses are a far cry from the short blonde tresses she wore on The Bachelor.

Louise has barely posted on social media in recent years, and her ex-husband, Blake Garvey, has shied even further away from the spotlight.

And it’s no surprise, given that he was once dubbed “Australia’s most despised Bachelor.”

Before ditching Sam for another contestant, Blake proposed to her in front of the entire country. Ten (Channel 10)

In the second season finale of The Bachelor Blake Garvey proposed the Home & Away star Sam Frost. Fans oohed and aahed what seemed a perfect match. But it wasn’t just like that.

Soon after the final episode aired, the public was shocked to learn that Blake had actually ditched Sam in favour of second-place finisher Louise.

There was a surge of criticism in the decision. The success of Sam was booming and the reputation of Blake had actually been tarnished.

Before calling it quits, Blake and Louise dated for eighteen months. Ten (Channel 10)

Louise and Blake dated for 18 months before calling it quits in April 2016, despite the backlash.


Blake made the decision to end it, according to the digital maker in an exclusive interview with New Idea.

It was just deep down I knew he was right, but I never had the nerve to say it. Louise told us. Louise told us.

I’ve been weeping, numb, and furious for the past few days.”

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