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A shocking murder at Home and Away! Watch some of the probabilities of the character which faces an uncertain Fate


Fans of Home And Away are used to the excitement of a triple-length episode on Thursday evenings, capping off the week of suspense.
In a surprising twist, this Monday’s episode will also be a triple-length saga, which is a pretty major hint in Summer Bay land that drama is about to GO DOWN.
Turning our attention to the first tantalising teasing for next week’s episode, the reality is verified as the lives of some of our favourite characters are in jeopardy.

“A night of passion. A night of risk. A night not to be missed,” the trailer’s caption reads.
In the trailer, we see Lewis trying to inject Ari with a lethal dose of drugs, Susie attacking Irene, and someone’s wine being poisoned.
After that, a voiceover alerts fans that Summer Bay “will never be the same.”

Fans are going crazy over the video, speculating about who’s life is on the line.

Let’s look into it…



Susie comes at Irene from behind and smothers her face with a cloth in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment amongst all the drama.
Susie has been suspected of being up to no good since her arrival in Summer Bay, and her plans are finally coming to fruition.
In the teaser, Irene expresses her concerns, saying, “I have such a bad feeling about this.”
Maybe Susie wants to get rid of Irene before she destroys her plans.


Susie’s risky behaviour does not end with Irene.
While out to dinner with Irene and John, the astute real estate agent is also seen pouring something into a wine glass.
We can only believe John’s glass is being tampered with because Susie has other plans for Irene.




Lewis seems to be out to destroy Christian’s future in retribution for his wife’s death – who was a patient of Dr Green’s prior to his time in Summer Bay.
How does he intend to do this? Kill off all of Christian’s patients so that he can be held accountable for neglect and malpractice.
It’s a little dramatic, but grief can do weird things to people. “At the very least, your death will not be in vain… I apologise “As he fills a syringe with clear liquid, Lewis can be heard saying to Ari.


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