Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Home and Away spoilers: Lewis and Mackenzies’ baby bombshells


This week, two Summer Bay favourites are entangled in baby drama, as a mystery about Lewis’ (Luke Arnold) wife is uncovered, and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) delivers surprising news to Ziggy (Sophie Dillman).

Christian and Tori (Penny McNamee) look up the specifics of the operation Lewis conducted after Lewis explodes in front of Christian (Ditch Davey) at the hospital, blaming him for his wife’s death. As Christian recalls the case, he is taken aback, and it is made worse when the notes show she is pregnant.

Lewis is taken aback when Christian approaches him in Salt to express his heartfelt apology for the situation, and sits with him to explain the surgery in detail. Later, he confides in Jasmine (Sam Frost) that he’s having trouble getting past the picture he’d created of Christian as a man without remorse.

Meanwhile, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) has been torn between two ladies, as Mia’s (Anna Samson) reappearance brings up a slew of old feelings. Recognizing that he can no longer hold Mackenzie on a leash, he breaks the crushing news that their relationship must end.


When Ziggy returns home to find Mackenzie sobbing on the couch, she leaps to her friend’s defence. She is taken aback, however, when Mac informs her that she is pregnant…

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