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6 Home and Away questions to be answered after this week’s Australian episodes


The dangerous rivalry between Lewis and Christian hit new heights in this week’s episodes of Home and Away in Australia.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie was still struggling after her traumatic few weeks, and Willow had left Summer Bay in search of a new beginning with Alex.

Following the recent Australian episodes, we’ve been left with six major questions.

1. Will Lewis murder Christian?


Lewis’ twisted rivalry with Christian is finally coming to a head after weeks of bickering and mysterious deaths at the hospital.

When Christian was cleared of the new death at Northern Districts, Lewis was saddened. Christian was also given a light sentence for punching Lewis in a recent altercation.

Lewis declined to listen to Jasmine’s suggestion that it was time to end the tensions and instead brought things to the point of no return.

Lewis was seen dragging Christian’s unconscious body through a disused ward at the hospital in a creepy cliffhanger that ended the week.


Lewis, still filled with rage and anger over Christian’s failure to save his wife Anna a few years earlier, now seems ready to exact the ultimate revenge by killing him. Is there someone who can save Christian in time?

2. Is Justin becoming reliant on painkillers?

Justin is suffering from severe back pain and has been given medication to help him cope. This week’s scene may have hinted that this is Justin’s next big storyline.

Justin suffered with his constant discomfort in the early hours of the morning, but he realised he wasn’t due for another pill for a while.


Despite this, Justin made the rash decision to take more pills and was noticeably relaxed when the pain subsided. But was this a one-time occurrence, or the start of Justin defying doctor’s orders and self-medicating on a regular basis?

3. Does Mac need more support?

Mac has had a difficult time, as her ectopic pregnancy resulted in the loss of her daughter. Despite the fact that Mac had planned to terminate the pregnancy, she is still overcome with grief and loss over the baby, as well as the recent breakup of her relationship with Ari.

After Mac had a troubling breakdown at work and Ari came to see her in the hospital, she eventually got the help she’d been waiting for. Mia had taken the tough decision to inform Ari of Mac’s death after seeing her being rushed to the hospital for emergency medical treatment.

In the moment, Mac was comforted by Ari’s presence, but he was heartbroken when he left with Mia, the two of them strong and together as a couple.

Tori, who was worried, gave Mac some counselling materials to help her cope with the emotional trauma, but Mac threw it away when she got home.


Is the worst yet to come for Mac, who is obviously not in the right state of mind to process her grief?

4. Will Dean and Amber extend their family?

When the subject of having another child came up in conversation between Dean and Amber this week, it gave him pause. Amber later told Dean that she wasn’t serious when he assumed he was freaking out, but he wondered how she’d feel if that was what he really wanted.

Amber shot down the proposal, claiming that now wasn’t the right time to try for another child, and that it could never be.

Dean pressed the topic, and he was pleased to learn that Amber isn’t completely ruling it out. Is it possible that Dean and Amber will expand their family in the future?

5. Are Willow and Alex back together for good?

Willow moved away from Summer Bay permanently this week, returning to see her ex-girlfriend Alex. While we didn’t see Alex again as part of this plot, it was still a positive development for fans who supported the couple during their time together in 2019 and 2020.

Before she left Home and Away, Sarah Roberts, who played Willow, was the one who suggested this storyline to the show’s creators.

We’re hoping that potential talks between Dean, Amber, Bella, and Irene, as well as updates on what Willow and Alex are up to, will help to provide more closure for the ‘Willex’ army, with updates on what Willow and Alex are up to.

6. Will life ever be the same again for John?

Susie may have left Summer Bay, but the consequences of her heinous deeds are still wreaking havoc on many of the town’s inhabitants.

John agreed to sell his house this week and use the proceeds to repay Leah and Justin for the money Susie defrauded them of. The couple expressed gratitude but stated that it was not appropriate because they do not hold him responsible for Susie’s behaviour.

Even after that, John was fixated on the thought of selling the Palmer home, which he now associates with so many negative memories. Unless John has a sudden change of heart, it seems that his life will never be the same for him again.


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