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Home and Away Spoilers – John is Fortunate enough to find Love Again. Details Below

In the 2021 season opener next week on Home and Away in the UK, passion and desire are all about in Summer Bay as Christian proposes to Tori, John is swept off his feet by a stunning stranger, and Ziggy battles over her feelings for Tane…

When he starts making plans for his permanent move to Summer Bay, Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) and Christian Green’s (Ditch Davey) relationship is about to take a big step forwards.

Christian, back from a few days in the city cleaning out his apartment and going to the Northern Districts Hospital, arranges the day to see some houses in Summer Bay.

Tori’s brother Justin (James Stewart) then puts his foot in it by blurting out that Christian should move in with them because none of them is considered acceptable!

Christian is her fiance, Tori follows her brother out of the diner and lays into him for not asking her before making the deal, and it should be up to her to determine if she needs him to move in!

Christian stops the siblings who tell him all is well, and he asks Tori if they should pray about it. But when she explains that they have to get back to Grace, Tori ignores the issue.

Things are already a little uncomfortable between the pair as Justin is rushed to the hospital later that day with back pain. Fortunately, it turns out Justin has just pulled a hamstring, and Justin has actually cornered a grateful Tori as she takes the topic back to Christian.

Justin likes the idea of Christian staying with them, but Tori and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) sigh at the fact that Justin prioritises Christian’s budding bromance over the desires of his sister. Yet again, Tori explains that it is not his decision to make.

But Tori’s in for a shock the next day as she goes out for a stroll along Flat Beach with Christian.

Tori assures Christian that she is content with where they are in their relationship at the moment, and feels that moving together could ruin things-after all, he will get to see all her irritating little habits!

Christian states why that’s what he likes about her. Then he promises Tori his affection and tells her he wants to share the rest of his life with her.

As Christian then asks her to marry him, Tori is shocked! All her original doubts for living together are ignored when she says yes to him instantly!

They’re going back home right away to tell Justin and Leah their exciting news, but are they going to get the response they’re expecting…?

This week, as John Palmer (Shane Withington) is swept off his feet by a mystery woman, Tori isn’t the only Summer Bay resident expected to make a major development in their love life.

A passing Susie McCallister (Bridie Carter) gives him a napkin while John is making a mess of his breakfast in Salt, the filling of his roll coming out at the most uncomfortable moment. This glamorous stranger, who it turns out is the real estate agent meeting with Tori and Christian, captivates John.

Since returning from the house, Susie flatters John by thinking about the gym in the surf club, bumping into John again. After all, it seems like he’s working out. In his gut, John sucks easily, confirming that he does, and suggests that he will be willing to wing her a discount.

John spends the afternoon giving Susie the grand tour of Summer Bay, and she is enthralled with his experience of the town’s past. Susie calls John out that evening for dinner at the restaurant, when she excuses herself to take a conference call. Irene comes over excitedly and compliments John on scoring a date. At first, John doesn’t trust Irene, assuming she really wants to know more about Summer Bay, but then it clicks that Susie actually needs to be involved in him.

John is dealing with his nerves and finds conversation uncomfortable that evening at Salt. By bringing up Marilyn in conversation, he unintentionally makes a faux pas, and excuses himself for a moment when he calls Irene, asking her to come and rescue him!

Irene urges John initially to get a grip, but when Irene then tells Jasmine (Sam Frost) how much time John puts in with Susie, Irene feels bad and goes to Salt.

Fancy seeing you here, John! ‘Irene exclaims as she reaches their table. John presents Susie to Irene and asks her to visit them. Susie is polite, but she certainly did not want a third wheel to turn up…

Has John ruined his shot at new love already?

Bridie Carter is best known for her appearance in McLeod’s Daughters as Tess McLeod, which she appeared in from 2001-2006, and when contacted by producers last year, she leapt at the opportunity to be on the show.

“It’s one of the most interesting and secure roles I have ever played” said Bridie TV Week. It was very fun to play with Shane, and this novel I had a blow to play. This is especially special when this happens on a long distance show.

This currently marks the third position Bridie has performed over the years in Home and Away. In September 1995, she first appeared as Toni Jarvis, the girlfriend and editor of the writer Mandy Thomas (Rachael Blake).

In 1995 Bridie was Toni (left) and in 1999 Brooke (right).

Four years later, in 1999, Bridie played Brooke Taylor’s character, who was infatuated with Travis Nash (Nic Testoni) because of his odd resemblance to David, her late fiancé. Later, it would become clear that Travis and David were half-brothers.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, between Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) and Tane Parata (Ethan Browne), after actually giving in to their temptations and sleeping together last week, things are certainly more uncomfortable.

On the beach, they knock into each other, and Ziggy apologises for not answering Tane’s calls. She was pretty distracted with all the chaos going on in the garage. The appearance of Ziggy’s ex-Dean (Patrick O’Connor) quickly disrupted them, finding out that Ari should do it with Tane’s help today.

When he walks out, Dean gives the two of them a glance, having the impression that something has interrupted him. After she points out how uncomfortable it was, Tane and Ziggy part ways.

That afternoon, Ziggy ran into Tane at Salt after a day of gruelling menial work at the garage. But Ziggy shuts him down by clarifying they would not be successful together at the moment. Tane continues speaking of what has happened.

Tane takes her as Ziggy leaves her, kissing her, ‘Just something for you!’ Ziggy takes a hurry away, and her thoughts are more uncertain than ever!

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