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Home and Away: Kieran is trying to be aggressive with ALF and Jasmine shares a romantic moment with Lewis

Again, at it. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

The manufacturers should not lose much time and get right to Roo, Alf, Kieran and Martha’s confrontation.

In the past of domestic abuse in Kieran, Alf loaded Roo and they both drive him further for the better.

But what comes next isn’t exactly clever, because they’ve forgotten that a master manipulator has conned Martha.

They tell Martha about the “evidence” Roo spotted, empty bottles behind the van, but just before taking a swig from his stash in the gym, Martha had a short quality brain washing sesh with Kieran.

Front-United. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

Roo says it is threatening and alarming from what she’s heard in his behaviour.

But it’s all for nothing, because Martha doesn’t want her relationship with her son to be harmed.

So Roo and Alf approach Kieran at the Surf Party, so that everyone in their families can know about the very private goings-on.

Keiran is now suddenly on the defensive.

His aggression is increasingly escalating and unexpectedly Kieran arrives as Alf, but Justin is there to break it up, who just days before had such sore muscles, he felt he was dead.

Roo and Alf call the police and it turns out he’s wanted on suspicion of domestic assault and when the cops come to the van, Martha is in hysterics.

Cue the waterworks. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

I know that you made up your mind, and now he is gone. Why weren’t you able to just stay out of it? “She said, and she runs away.

I’d love to make this the end of Kieran, but for these guest roles, you never know, some of them reappear two or three more times, as in the case of Ryder’s father Evan and long-lost twin Owen.

Jasmine, my undisputed favourite, is next.

With Colby’s mug scattered around it, she notices the newspaper and realises that he will no longer be her sperm donor.

Why is the world continuing to get in the way of Jas’ baby plans? Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

But the famous face of Lewis will emerge, and he’ll do it.

At the hospital, there is a permanent role and he needs to know how Jasmine would feel if they worked together.

Yet Dean’s moping presence distracts her a little bit and she advises him he needs to “step up” for Bella.

Back to Lewis and Jas informs Lewis that, if he goes for the role, he will work very closely with Christian, his arch nemesis.

When he wants to, Lewis aka Poor Depp knows how to put on the charm and feels he’s able to make “peace with the past” and forgive McDreamy’s budget.

Is it the face of forgiving? Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

But I don’t think that’s the last time we’ve seen Lewis’ plans to pin the doc for murdering his wife supposedly.

Irene, meanwhile, found that Jasmine’s friendship with her old friend was thriving.

Jas catches us again with Lewis (I mean, three times a day) if that’s not keen, I don’t know what is, where for a moment their hands meet.

But she flees easily as she is overwhelmed by thoughts of the dead Robbo.

Is Jas going to move on from dead Robbo? Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

Bella’s having some closure around Colby at last, and we really know he’s not going back.

She’s starting to guess for a second what she felt she learned about her brother, because not one but two people have been killed now.

Ryder gives her a bit of a pep talk and explains that she and Dean are both adapting and in the same tough role.

I advised him that he wanted to make his own stand. I advised him to do whatever he had to do to survive.

Bella looks like she’s going to run out and never come back, but she’s hugging Dean because she realises that Colby did what it took to get himself killed.

And Leah is going to hold a surprise engagement party for Tori and Budget McDreamy.

Leah the Extraordinary Party Planner. Channel 7/Channel 7 Credit:

Because all the cast will be there, it will be the “best surprise engagement party ever” and hopefully the setting for a lot of drama.

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