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Home and Away: Lewis and Budget McDreamy finally came face to face and things are not looking good

Take a look at the perplexed expression. Channel 7/

All is about to come crashing down in glorious Home and Away fashion, as Jasmine is practically in love with Lewis and Budget McDreamy is pushing ahead with wedding preparations and wants Gracie to “roll down the aisle” on the big day.

As Christian and Lewis went head to head in the hospital, it felt like weeks ago.

However, the two eventually cross paths and are ready to discuss Lewis’ accusation of Christian of murdering his wife, Anna, and their unborn child.

The suspenseful music begins as the Doc’s face falls.

When the penny finally fall. Channel 7/

“Wait, what?” Christian asks. “I never claimed responsibility.”

Lewis answers, “You apologised.”

“I believe there was a miscommunication.”

Naturally, Lewis is enraged.


Since she’s standing right next to them, Willow hears everything and immediately informs Jas.

Jasmine manages it admirably, and it only helps to reinforce her feelings for Lewis.

I’m desperate for a kid. Channel 7/

She encourages him to let it go and be at ease.

Lewis says of Budget McDreamy’s position in this heinous injustice, “He’s in complete denial.”


It makes him feel better, but not nearly as much as Jasmine’s invitation to spend the night.

She says, “I’m asking you to stay.”

It would be selfish of me to neglect the fact that Jasmine is desperate for a baby and had seen Colby as a viable choice until a few weeks ago.

Lewis, on the other hand, is a much superior nominee, even though he is attempting to derail Budget McDreamy’s medical career. But Jas has been through a lot and may be oblivious to this because the target is to have a kid.

Budgeting McDreamy remains silent for the remainder of the day before Tori persuades him to speak up.

Lewis has sown doubt, and now Budget McDreamy is second-guessing his decisions.


Maz is bawling her eyes out at the diner because crumb of a human John let his mad girlfriend Susie serve the divorce papers.

Eyes of a panda Channel 7/

Maz sobs, “I thought he had more respect for me, for our time together.”

Susie isn’t happy because she likes being in on all of John’s business, no matter how private, and Leah soothes her with tea as Alf gives John a piece of his mind… “in private,” which Susie isn’t happy about because she likes being in on all of John’s business, no matter how private.

It reaches John, who is prepared to apologise to Maz.

Regardless, he sets up shop at the diner with a few slices of cake before Maz is able to hear John out.

They go for a walk along the beach (Maz in heels), and they both express their wish for the best for each other, though Maz is still uneasy about not being able to tell her piece about Susie.

Meanwhile, Susie is putting on a show and bawling her eyes out in an attempt to persuade John to stay with her forever.

When the bank calls to inform Justin and Leah that their loan has fallen through, they try to find a new bank.

Susie’s shenanigans have me hooked. Channel 7/

Jas would be angry that she skipped the milestone when precious baby Gracie takes her first steps and she wasn’t there to see it.

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