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Sarah Roberts of Home And Away shares a candid and relatable parenting moment with stepdaughter Scout And we just love the Bond between them



If the latest update of Sarah Robert suggests something, it is not always easy or sexy to be a stepparent.

However, the Home And Away actress pulls it off with confidence when it comes to the husband James Stewart’s daughter Scout.

The actress took to Instagram to post a funny and candid photo coated in bubbles, which we can only presume was taken during bath time in her home.

Sarah jokingly captioned the picture, “Step-mumming is very glamorous.”


We know also that there are few aspects of childhood that are entirely glamorous, but we also know that plenty of them are really rewarding. And here we come in. And here we come in.

Sarah has previously spoken out on being a stepmother to Scout, the eight-year-old daughter of her hubby and co-star James and Jessica Marais of Stacked To The Rafters.

James is a huge fan of his daughter. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

It’s a role the actress has admitted she adores, considering the fact that it wasn’t always expected.

“I had to spend a great amount of time with Jimmy and Scout, which was fine for us as a family unit,” Sarah said in the Life podcast of Nova. “As a team we have formed.”


In a million years, I’ve never considered myself as a stepmother. Stepmoms had a poor record in my view.”

“Cinderella’s stepmother is a jerk! That’s something I’d like to rebrand. It’s frustrating at times, but it’s still incredibly satisfying.”

Sarah adores her position as a stepmother (Instagram)

Scout was Sarah’s top priority from the start of her relationship with James.

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