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Emily Symons and Ditch Davey are heading to The Diner… Here’s a bunch of the best BTS snapshots from Home and Away set this year.


Before turning in early, there aren’t many items more wholesome than a home cooked meal and a decent read.

But if you really get technical here, Home and Away takes the cake as one of the safe, consistent, and quality content-providing additions-of life’s life, and boy we are grateful for it.

The ensemble is a case in point – not only do they offer us on-screen a lot of drama, chemistry and suspense, but IRL, they’re just as tight.

For example, take Georgie Parker – just a simple look at her Instagram will reveal that the stars of the show are not just her peers, but they are also her best friends.


There’s no debating it, you can bet we’re flocking to get a glimpse into their special relationships and dynamics every time one of the soap’s favourite cast members tweets a photo from the set.

And then, when we’re about to start another year of shooting, we wanted to put all the pictures in one location – only so you can see it all for yourself.

If we look at how these Home and Away stalwarts are one huge happy family, keep reading. A great deal of wholesome material ahead!

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Nephew and Aunty… That is, on the phone. Georgie Parker and Lukas Radovich are broadly laughing at the cameras. (Through Instagram)


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Indeed, Happy Monday – the stars of the show are still excited for another week’s job on tape. (Through Instagram)

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All the smiles came from Lynne McGranger and Sam Frost when schering they wound up on set in February. (Through Instagram)


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The residents of Summer Bay are still happy for the camera… Behind the scenes, also. (Through Instagram)

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Patrick O’Connor shares an on-set grin with Lukas Radovich. (Through Instagram)

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A special relationship is shared by Georgie Parker and Emily Symons… And it’s apparent Lukas Radovich wants in. (Through Instagram)


7 /10

Who doesn’t enjoy catching up on a little Thursday evening? This adorable BTS snap was posted by Emily Symons with co-star Ditch Davey while shooting evening scenes at the famous Diner. (Through Instagram)


Sam Frost was up to go on day one of 2021 – before another year of playing the easily chic Jasmine, the recent Bachelor star had a fast hair touch up. (Through Instagram)

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Before getting stuff under way for 2021, Emily Symons was already in for a short spruce. “First day back!”She said, we go,” she took with her hair and makeup chair sly selfie. (Through Instagram)

10 / 10

John-Paul Jory, who has been at the show for many years as a frequent cast member, is the resident of Summer Bay. Although his role isn’t always perfect, the actor has no less tied up with the cast. After his first day back in 2021, he posted this throwback shot. Happy New Years to everyone! First scene of the year over, and also ten years after I went to the studio for @homeandaway as a Constable of Murray!” He said.

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