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Home and Away: Christian came to know about Lewis’s grudge

Endemol Shine – Channel 5 The tension in the hospital reaches a breaking point, and Lewis recounts every detail of his wife’s accident and death.

Friday, March 26th, 2021 at 13:15 and 18:00 on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 19:00 on Channel 7 in Australia

Following the altercation between Lewis and Christian, Tori is forced to speak with Lewis about the situation. She issues a stern warning, but he dismisses it, sowing doubt that the problem is Christian’s fault and not the other way around. As Christian gets to work, he states that he’ll be attending his review panel. Lewis is enraged by Christian’s remarks, and he asks him about it.

Tori and Jasmine are stuck in the middle of a fight between two guys. Both agree that Lewis must remind Christian of his part in the death of Lewis’s wife. Jasmine attempts to talk to Lewis about it, but he simply refuses her.


Later, at the hospital, the strain hits a breaking point, and Lewis goes through every detail of his wife’s accident and death in an attempt to jog Dr Green’s memory. The news astounds Christian, who admits to Tori that the case isn’t fresh in his mind, but he has no memory of Lewis. Tori heard about it and didn’t tell him, which enrages him.

Meanwhile, Marilyn has come home, and the whole family adores her. Alf interrogates Ryder about how strong he was making the drinks in order for Marilyn to end up this way, but Ryder’s anger remains focused on Chloe.

The war begins as the two crash into each other at Salt. Chloe shows up to see how Marilyn is doing and brings her a tray of meat, oblivious to Marilyn’s veganism. Ryder is fascinated, and she can’t help but point out her flaw in serving meat to a vegan.

Roo is taken aback when she learns that Susie has moved in with John. Susie works her magic on John, uncovering everything she can about his former relationship with Marilyn. Outside the Diner, Roo runs into John and asks him about Susie. Susie steps in again to railway the conversation just as Roo wants to get to the bottom of who Susie really is.


Alf has the next tense debate with the pair at the Surf Club. Susie’s obvious charms haven’t won Alf over yet. Susie hosts a dinner for committee members and lavishes attention on John, as well as a new suit for the occasion. However, behind his back, her true colours emerge, and she seems to be more repulsed by him than anything else.

Also today, Justin and Leah finally break the news about the new house to Tori after much pressure. Tori is ecstatic to learn the news and wholeheartedly supports her brother’s decision.

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